When Risking It All Goes Wrong

(Credit: Warren Wong, @wflwong)

In the court of law, the term “flight risk”is given to a defendant who may leave the country if let out on bail. The easy way out, that being, the next plane out of the country.

This is the type of person you need to keep a close eye on. A person who’s ready to leave their current circumstance, all for a better opportunity elsewhere. They have their sight set towards a place far from guilt or responsibility, a place where the rules and laws don’t necessarily apply.

And this isn’t the first time its happened. You see, this person holds a criminal record. A track record of great escapes. A frequent flyer. Who coincidentally has a fear of falling. A fear of taking a risk. A fear of taking a chance. Preventing you from ever wanting to fly again. An opponent to your God-given ability to move. To soar. To spread your wings.

Whether you’re heading into new relationships, or heading the largest project of your career. You need to surround yourself with people who will not only take you to the next level, but who are willing to take part in your journey. Not someone who wants to get away from you, but someone who wants to get away with you.

Cause everyone needs a copilot. Staying up on those long nights. Talking to you through every route and every turn. Guiding you. Giving you a sense of direction. Willing to go through the trials. Willing to go through the trouble. Between fight or flight, they’re willing to go toe to toe. See eye to eye.

Seeing you as not just any option. But the option.

Not just any choice. But the choice.