Art, Science, and Sex: The Body Is The Instrument

Dr. Evan Goldstein
May 7 · 4 min read

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. — Federico García Lorca

For all of us, the piece of art that is one’s asshole can take on an enormous array of definitions. And regardless of what aesthetic makes your bulge (or mine for the matter) grow bigger, it’s that very response — an erection — that defines emotion. Its power is actually reflexive and unavoidable and is the one true criterion of desire. You can avert your eyes all your want, but once you lay your eyes on it, it’s over. That throb is real and tells no lies. It even manifests itself whether you are ready to listen or not.



the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The beauty of marrying art, science, and sex was just as unavoidable as your hard on. The human body. The lines. The emotional response and connectivity to imagery. The pre-cum that coats your tip. When you see it or feel it, it fucking grabs you. It takes you. And with the digital feed (Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter — you name it) tailored to your taste, it has engulfed you.

But my scientific and medical studies took my analytics beyond all that. This evaluation of form, function, and aesthetics, tied to our community, which has been stigmatized and suppressed for so long, altered my career forever. And with this new insight, it was not just about my own preconceived notions of what the best hole looked like (even though I have seen many), but even my notion of the ass being the object of desire. It was about treating the asshole an art form, in and of itself, and how to understand the most difficult thing to assess: someone else’s true desire.



the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

I understood the judgment, the stigma, and the taboo surrounding our community. But through art, I saw glimpses of our version of “normal” slowly permeating, not only into the societal differences that had been around for decades, but also into our own inner being. So I wanted to take that glimmer of gay sex and bring that out of the shadows, out of the darkness and the underground. We must reflect and analyze and indulge the truest of our cravings, whatever they may be, otherwise, we will be stuck in the past. We must push on. Assimilation has ass in it for a reason.

And because of this reason, I wanted to take the sexual education none of us received on the beauty of gay sex and place it into the hands of amazing artists. It was only natural for our first collaboration to join forces with the Tom of Finland Foundation and our curator, Stuart Sandford, for our benefit exhibition: The Body Is The Instrument, which opens May 8th. Who better to partner with than someone who once said, “If I don’t have an erection when I’m doing a drawing, I know it’s no good.” I ask that you take one minute to think, truly think, how innovative and revolutionary Tom of Finland was, specifically during his reign, to take this subject head on — literally — and make such a lasting impact on our community. It’s not just mind-blowing, but also imperative to furthering our cause.



(chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.

And now the baton is passed on to all these artists involved in our show to explore their own version of desire. The Body Is An Instrument creates so many different interpretations of desire. The purpose of the show is an introspection of your own emotions as it relates to gay culture and the sexual education related to it. The beauty surrounding the human body and all of its attributes allows us to create our own narrative on normalcy, with the hopes of de-stigmatizing any judgement — not just from others, but also from our own selves.



Jess C. Scott once said: the human body is the best work of art. I say, go fuck with it.

Lick, play, fuck, suck, watch, touch, smell, throb! All of these highlight desire and it’s what you do with that that evokes change. Being paired with our own sexual education allows betterment and overall risk reduction as it pertains to our practices. If we do not curate it, nobody will. I hope you will be a part of our movement that combines art, science, and sex. It’s about fucking time — literally.

For those in the SoCal area, please join us for the opening reception: May 8th from 6–9pm at the Tom of Finland House in Los Angeles. For those who cannot, you can view and purchase any of the pieces of art here via Paddle8.

Don’t forget to stay in touch on Instagram: me and Bespoke Surgical.

Bespoke Surgical

An elite practice purpose-built for today’s male and focused on sexual wellness. Founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein.

Dr. Evan Goldstein

Written by

NY | LA Gay Surgeon discussing ASS: A\rt, S\cience, and S\ex

Bespoke Surgical

An elite practice purpose-built for today’s male and focused on sexual wellness. Founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein.

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