Dr. Evan Goldstein
Jul 30 · 4 min read

Client’s Tale

OK. Here it goes... I am a 25 year old Asian bottom that is not only sticky (I like other Asian guys), but also I love uncircumcised cock. Uncut 🍆 just looks so cute, tucked in tight, and then 💥 — there it is. Out and poppin’. I know some don’t agree, but it’s my hole it’s going in, right?

Now, although I love its sensation, I have noticed more and more anal irritation during sex and I am convinced it’s from the foreskin. A few years ago, I had a threesome and, let’s just say, it got a little rough. As a result, I developed a small tear on the back portion of my asshole and along came a pesky little small tag in that region.

I didn’t pay much attention, though, and, over the years, I felt like my partners’ foreskins kept banging my extra skin. Maybe it’s just too much skin? Who would have thunk it? Well, I proved my theory the other night. I decided to have my circumcised friend fuck me and… no irritation! So it has to be the sex gods trying to take away my uncut fetish. 😭

After that, I found myself confiding in a friend, who told me he had this friend who had a friend... Well, eventually someone pointed me in the direction of Dr G at Bespoke Surgical. During my consultation, we spoke about all of the above and, low and behold, I — having zero medical degrees — was correct the entire time. Uncut cock does indeed create more friction. Do you fucking believe it?!

Luckily, my skin tag removal was a simple snip in the office, more because the tear had healed correctly. And before I knew it, I was back at it. No skin tag remaining and a smooth orifice for all cummers. Well, I shouldn’t say all. All uncut cummers. Fuck yeah!

My Discussion

This client was right. His extra tag and the additional skin of uncircumcised cock created too much localized friction, allowing irritation to develop, which ultimately limits anal play. I see it all the time. It’s not the uncut preference that he touts. It’s anything that causes this additional rubbing. So let’s take a step back and start from the top (or bottom in this case).

Whether you develop, like him, a tear from anal play or simply from shitting, many times a skin tag in the region of injury will appear once it heals. This is just the way the asshole heals, unfortunately. Because we shit every day and/or continue to have sex, the scar in this region is weak and opens back up every chance it gets. The body is smart and lays down scar tissue and — you guessed it — a skin tag to be protective. However, this mechanism of healing now sets the stage for friction. Get it?

We speak of anal tears leading to skin tags, but it can also be from dilated veins called hemorrhoids. These also stretch the skin, leaving remnants to wreak havoc on our sex lives. It can happen with so many localized asshole pathologies that regardless of its origins, it manifests exactly the same way.

So, with his assessment being correct, how does the friction occur? The anal pressures of penetrative sex are inherently quite high. On top of this, a skin tag in and of itself creates friction, not to mention inserting an uncut cock with its own significant extra skin. All of these components together set the stage for even more friction, regardless of lubricant. That said, anything you do to minimize that rubbing will help, even the addition of a condom. However, the main reason why we don’t use condoms is because that friction gets us off. The amazing skin-on-skin sensation of cock in asshole goes away when you wrap it up. So it’s a total cluster fuck, or dare I say, a cockundrum.

How do we fix it?

No, it’s not by getting circumcised. Although many do because this personal friction can lead to many other penile issues. But let’s focus on my specialty — the asshole.

We fix this by removing the issue at hand — the skin tag. The perfect hole is without any friction points other than a primed orifice for pleasure. And I can do that. You need a smooth landing strip. Thankfully, we have finally been able to analyze our sexual practices in a scientific and surgical fashion. And with that, I can provide solutions to everyday, straight or gay, common anal ailments. It’s my and our mission at Bespoke Surgical to make sure that we constantly talk about all these issues. The more we bring these issues to light and have these kinds of conversations, understanding why they occur and how they can be fixed, the more everyone can benefit from this knowledge. It’s about finding simple solutions, but without understanding they even exist in the first place, is a disservice to our community.

Oh, and by the way, though this Tale wasn’t a personal one, you can put me down as a fellow uncut fan. There is just something about that thing. Love it. 😂

Don’t forget to stay in touch on Instagram: me and Bespoke Surgical.

Bespoke Surgical

An elite practice purpose-built for today’s male and focused on sexual wellness. Founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein.

Dr. Evan Goldstein

Written by

NY | LA Gay Surgeon discussing ASS: A\rt, S\cience, and S\ex www.bespokesurgical.com/

Bespoke Surgical

An elite practice purpose-built for today’s male and focused on sexual wellness. Founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein.

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