A “Best Buy Fanboi” Takes Over the API Team

Eric Caron
Best Buy Developers
2 min readMay 14, 2015


On September 23, 2008, two technologies were exposed to the world: Best Buy introduced Remix and Google introduced Android. It is no understatement to say both platforms surpassed even the most optimistic early expectations. Although the “Blue Shirt Nation” originally behind Remix has given way to “Renew Blue,” Remix has grown into Best Buy APIs and is growing at a magnificent pace — and I’m thrilled to be joining this high-powered team with an intimidating track record for success.

Who am I? I’m Eric Caron, a Minnesota native and long-time Best Buy fanboi. I believe that just as AJAX revolutionized the Internet in the 2000s, APIs are responsible for the continuing digital momentum in this decade. Though the audience reading this likely understands what an API is, here’s how I explain it to my relatives:

An API is the way one website knows how to talk to another.

Granted this is a gross oversimplification, but it starts the conversation. For example its so much more than just websites:

· Want your Apple Watch to turn on your Philips Hue light bulbs when you walk into the basement? APIs make that possible.

· Want your washing machine to text you when the load is done? APIs make that possible.

· Want your Tesla Powerwall to brag on Facebook whenever it sells power back to the grid? Well, it isn’t out yet. But if they introduce that feature, APIs will make it possible.

At a more technical level, we at Best Buy APIs are passionate about RESTful APIs and we’ll continue to be strong advocates within the community. We’ll also continue talking to the entire spectrum of our consumers, from first time API users enjoying our new QueryBuilder to debating with experts the finer points of obeying cache headers.

All this while exposing the brilliance Best Buy’s innovators continue to introduce, such as the new Smart Lists for the Connected Home. And we’re just getting started.