Best Buy and minne* Bring Out the Best in Minnesota Tech

One of the coolest things about being part of the Best Buy API team is the regular opportunity to interact with some of the brightest tech minds of our day. That includes our travels to hackathons and other national events, of course, but we’re also frequently reminded that there’s plenty of incredible talent right here on our home turf in Minnesota.

There aren’t many better illustrations of that truth than minne* (you can say it “Minne Star”), an organization dedicated to fostering tech companies and startups based in Minnesota. Best Buy is a proud Terabyte sponsor of minne* for several reasons. For one thing, we like to nurture tech innovation within our community whenever we can. We value the people, the organization and the mission of minne*. Also, minne* events are a great way for us to scope out potential talent for our own team. And of course, we enjoy a good party as much as the next multinational electronics retailer.

Minne* events come in several shapes and sizes. MinneDemo sessions are focused on demonstrations of working tech products, affectionately known as “geek show and tell.” There are a couple of cool caveats to MinneDemo presentations, mainly that they can be no longer than 7 minutes and PowerPoint is strictly forbidden. Anyone who’s spent a conference nodding off to endless slideshows of stock images and bullet-lists ought to appreciate that.

A MinneBar session is an even looser learning experience — an un-conference, if you will — with no keynote speakers or structured workshops. Instead, MinneBar is a chance for Minnesotan tech folks to get together to learn from each other, evangelize and otherwise socialize. Best Buy hosted a very successful MinneBar at our corporate campus last year and will do so again this year. It’s a keen chance for Best Buy’s leadership to meet the brightest stars of the local tech universe and get an education in development.

The next edition of MinneDemo is going down on February 5 at the Guthrie Theater, with tickets available online starting January 27. Minnebar typically occurs in April each year. Check out to learn more and sign up to attend the events. From one bunch of Minnesota techies to another, we hope to see you there.

Originally published by Ira Brooker on 01/29/2015 at

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