Best Buy Recommendations API: Upgraded and Improved

We’re happy to announce we’ve upgraded Best Buy Recommendations API with two new enhancements. First, you can now request the “Most Popular” endpoint by Category. Second, we have included our most most commonly used product attributes in the response document for all of our Recommendation endpoints.

Searching our Most Popular endpoint by Category will let you identify those products that have had the most views on their Product Detail Page (PDP) on BESTBUY.COM within the requested category. Example categories could include Cameras & Camcorders (abcat0400000) or Appliances (abcat0900000). You can request data for the Most Popular for any Category or SubCategory. To get a list of a categories please use our Categories API. In the below example we are using the Recommendations Most Popular endpoint to determine which Appliances (abcat0900000) have had the most traffic on their PDP pages on BESTBUY.COM.

HINT: You must specify the categoryId when making a request. categoryName will not work at this time.

In addition, all of the Recommendations endpoints will now include the most commonly used product attributes. These attributes include customer review information, links to images and BESTBUY.COM, pricing and of course name. A full attribute description is available in our Recommendations API documentation. To ensure consistency, this is the same information you would find in our Product API but without a second request. You will find the same productLink, rank and SKUthat were a part of the original Recommendations endpoints.

NOTE: as part of this change we MOVED the productLink to a new section of the response document. This is a breaking change so please make appropriate changes for your implementation.

Here is the response to the above query request. Notice the additional product attributes.

Originally published by Ira Brooker on 01/15/2015 at

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