Building API lists with the Run in Postman button

Getting the most out of the Best Buy API suite has become that much easier now that we’ve added the Run in Postman button from This handy tool is embedded in our API Documentation. Once you’ve installed the Postman app, this button allows you to open a collection — a grouping of related workflows or queries using our API endpoints. Postman collections give users quicker and less labor-intensive access to curated queries and workflows. There’s a big difference between getting one-click access and building a self-compiled list using multiple queries.

The Run in Postman button helps API providers create their own collections for easy reference in their own documentation. For instance, to spotlight Best Buy products ideal for setting up a rec room, you might compile a list including stereo equipment, video game consoles, beverage refrigerators, remote controls and the like. Postman lets you bundle those items into a single “Rec Room list” query, saving you the time and effort of querying each item or category individually.

We’re excited to offer the Postman option to our API users, and we think the feeling will be mutual. We’d love to know what you think. Give it a try today and drop us a line at or @BestBuyAPI to let us know what kinds of lists you’re pulling together.