Find a Best Buy Express Kiosk with our Stores API

Mention Best Buy Express kiosks to the average consumer and you’ll probably get a response along the lines of, “Oh, those are the vending machines at the airport, right?” They are indeed, and they represent a growing portion of Best Buy’s sales. Up until recently, though, finding the closest kiosk wasn’t an exact science. Our Store Locator returned address info for Best Buy Express stations, but a general address is not always enough information when you’re dealing with large spaces like airports, hotels and convention centers.

That’s why our Stores API features a kiosk location attribute that allows for more specificity. Instead of simply telling you there’s a Best Buy Express at, say, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, our Finder can direct you to the kiosk in Terminal 2. (Or the one by Gate 9, or the one near the Terminal F connector, or the one in Concourse C — we have MSP pretty well covered!)

Other recent additions to the Stores API include adding kiosk store and location info to the longName attribute and including Best Buy Express information in the storeType attribute. This should all make it easier for our on-the-go customers to get their hands on the electronics and accessories they need.