Opening up Open Box with the Best Buy Buying Options API

Opening up Open Box with the Best Buy Buying Options API

Best Buy’s selection of Open Box items is a go-to for bargain hunters in the know. Featuring returned items, display models and demos in verified working condition, it’s a great repository for anyone looking for a deal on like-new electronics. Our new Buying Options API makes it easier than ever for customers to find usable info for their Open Box purchases, including availability, condition and special pricing information. Our API splits Open Box into two endpoints.

The Open Box Single SKU endpoint lets users look up a specific SKU for any available Open Box offers. In the example below we are searching for any Open Box offers for SKU 2874502:

The Open Box Multi SKU endpoint returns all available Open Box offers across Best Buy categories. Both endpoints return results only for available product, which our system checks for every five minutes. In the example below you can access all of the Open Box offers at Best Buy.

The response documents for both a single SKU lookup and multi SKU lookup are identical. The response document includes our most commonly used product attributes. These attributes include customer review information, links to images and BESTBUY.COM, name and SKU. There is also a special offers section that details all of the current open box offers for a SKU. Please see the Open Box documentation for additional details about the response attributes.

The Buying Options API will make it easier for customers to find the Open Box items they want, whether they’re seeking a specific model or have a more general idea of what they’re looking for. More updates to the API are in the works for the near future, so stay tuned!

HINT: Open Box products can only be shipped. There is not a store pickup option at this time.

Originally published by Ira Brooker on 01/08/2015 at