Upcoming improvements to our Bulk Download function

We told you recently about our Bulk Download function, a helpful feature for users who want access to an especially large amount of data. This is an easier and more streamlined approach than making a deep-page query of our entire API.

One issue a few our users have run into, however, is that our Bulk Download files are generated daily. A query made before 9am CST will return an expected 404 error. We’re working on a long-term solution that will allow users to generate their own custom large files on their own preferred schedules. We’ll also be able to update these files multiple times a day for more accurate and up-to-date data.

In the meantime we’re considering a V2 that will give more insight into the current state of the files and have all files remain accessible 24/7. Before we implement this strategy, we want to know if it will meet your needs!

GET https://api.bestbuy.com/bulk/v2/products/
(Will also have /stores/ and /categories/, etc)
Will return a JSON object of all product files available.
HEAD https://api.bestbuy.com/bulk/v2/products/productsActive.json.tar.gz
Will return a complete accurate HEAD of the file’s information
GET https://api.bestbuy.com/bulk/v2/products/productsActive.json.tar.gz
Downloads the actual file.

What do you think about these planned updates? Will they improve your Bulk Download experience or make you more likely to use Bulk Download? Please drop us an email with your thoughts at developer@bestbuy.com.