Walk Through Our Catalog APIs with Cursor Marks

Cursor Marks are Like Bookmarks for Our APIs

It’s almost spring — the time when an API developer’s fancy turn to…cursor marks? Well, our fancy has turned to cursor marks at least, and we think yours will as well.

Cursor marks are a lot like a bookmark you can use with your query results. You can use cursor marks to “walk” through our API data efficiently. This means you can get at large result sets — whether that be our full list of active products or a subset of our store data — quickly, without running into the errors and issues you may see using traditional paging. Documentation showing you how to use cursor marks is outlined here.

For those of you who regularly consume our bulk (or “archive”) files, this means that you can get fresher data based on your schedule, not ours. Bulk files are only updated once per day — with cursor marks, you are getting data that is current at the time you call for it. We intend to deprecate most of the bulk files — if you have a strong need to continue using a particular bulk file or are unable to move to using cursor marks, email us at developer@bestbuy.com ASAP so we can work with you to find a solution.

Happy cursor marking!