We’re Going All SSL

Best Buy’s APIs have accepted both plain-text (HTTP) and SSL (HTTPS) API requests for a long time. This year, in the interest of improving everyone’s security & privacy, we’re dropping plain-text support. Here’s the gist of what we’re doing:

  • api.remix.bestbuy.com and api.bbyremix.bestbuy.com are going away in favor of api.bestbuy.com
  • Starting April 3rd, all HTTP requests will redirect to https://api.bestbuy.com using an HTTP 301 status code redirect. If your current HTTP client doesn’t properly handle 301 redirects, there is a chance this change will break your implementation.
  • Starting July 10th, all HTTP requests will receive a status code of 426 (which basically means “you have to switch to HTTPS”). If your API integration is using anything other than https://api.bestbuy.com, your implementation will break at this time.

Although we’ll be sending this message again in April, June and July, we encourage everyone to immediately update their API integrations to use https://api.bestbuy.com/. We’ll be dropping previously used hostnames (such as api.remix.bestbuy.com) as well as plain-text HTTP support to simplify, streamline and secure our integrations with your systems.