Service Plan & Warranty Explained

All electronic retailers make a majority of their profit from selling warranties or what Best Buy likes to call “Service Plans”. There is a slight difference between the two which will be covered later (unless I forget to).

Best Buy offers 3 main types of service plans that are specific for different groups of products. They are called “GSP”, “GSPT”, and “GSPR

GSP = Geek Squad Protection Plan

GSPT = Geek Squad Total Protection Plan

GSPR = Geek Squad Replacement Plan

However there is a new service that was introduced at the end of June 2015. It is called “GSM” = Geek Squad Membership.

If you ever purchased a product over a few hundred dollars, chances are you have been offered a service plan by the sales associate. For more information on the difference between these 4 service plans and whether it is necessary for you; please refer to the articles below.

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