B Corp Community Spotlight: Postcard.com

Postcard is a proud New York City-based Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B-Corp. They use physical postcards created from locally-sourced and sustainable materials to provide nonprofits, educators, and mission-driven organizations a platform to take digital and physical action on the issues they care about. We spoke with Paul Roer, the CEO and Founder.

What Matters Most to Us

“We want people to care about the world around them and we, as a company, also care about the world around us! We are equally in love in what we do, as well as how we operate our company.”

What We Learned

“From taking the assessment, we learned to question all aspects of our business. We began examining the practices in place at the office we were leasing: what sort of lights were being used, recycling practices (including battery recycling), are we using high efficiency toilets? We also began to really dive into the sourcing practices for our paper, and set out to find a manufacturer that shared our values.”

What We Did As a Result

“With the space, we discovered that our landlord is actually incredibly thoughtful with the decisions he has already made. When we move into our own space, we plan to approach it with the same forward thinking lens towards sustainability.

With our paper, after interviewing a number of different companies, we decided to move forward with a company called Mohawk Paper, who works only with local farms in NY State. We realized that if our paper is sourced overseas, by the time it is shipped to the states, the emissions would basically offset the fact that it was originally farmed.”

Features/Improvements We Are Looking Forward To

“‘One step closer’ has become our internal mantra. As a startup, you are not going to be an immediate success. You need to identify pragmatic ways to evolve. A lot of people think these practices are beyond their control, but you can take small steps to help your company get closer and closer to your values. Our next big change will be to provide 100% covered, premium health insurance to our employees. Right now our founding employees are covered as dependents on their spouse’s insurance. But, we firmly believe that you don’t grow by short changing your greatest asset — your employees. So, this will be a priority.”