Community Spotlight: ESC Cabling

William Diaz, Jr. is the President and Founder of ESC Cabling, a low voltage contracting company working in the Bronx since 2003. ESC Cabling not only installs the cables found in your ceiling and walls, but unlike many electricians, they also install the technology. They do retail work with companies such as John Varvatos, Vanity Fair, Louis Vuitton, and industrial work with companies such as Yellow Freight, YRC, UPS, and Exel. In addition, ESC Cabling is competing to win ‘Best for NYC’ and be recognized throughout the city for their positive impact on their community, workers, and environment.

Why join the movement?

“I was surprised to find out that our little efforts could be recognized in such a big way. There are some things that we do that I always believed the recognition would take away from why I was doing it. I wasn’t doing it for the shine, but for the people I affected.

I feel whole-heartedly that all companies have the power to give back. One percent of your time or resources could feel like nothing to you, but could change the trajectory of someone else’s life. I believe you should just care about people like you would want to be cared for.

The ‘Best For NYC’ Challenge is just a way to see where you stand. You may think you are fine where you are. You may think you are doing better than you are. Or you may want to improve.”

What made you interested in the Best for NYC Challenge?

“I joined the challenge because I knew I did things a little differently and I thought it would be great to be recognized by someone for it. There is no such thing as bad publicity for a small business!”

Why should others be interested in it?

“Others should be interested because it is an opportunity to see where you are and measure what you do. We believe you should get involved with the community where your business operates, but on your terms. If you like sports, sponsor a local team. If you are interested in video games start a programming class. Be the change!”

What are the things your business is doing now that you are proud of?

“I am proud of how we hire people and train them, including investing in customized training offered by the city.”

What are some of the changes your business has made as a result of the challenge?

“I would love to spend some time and track what we do a bit closer, like our carbon footprint, our garbage and recycling, and some of the other things we try to do responsibly.”