Community Spotlight: Global Cluster

Global Cluster provides IT solutions, including cloud computing, IT infrastructure, security, and IT consulting, to small- and medium-sized businesses in NY. They have a partnership in which they donate 25% of their profits to Bronx nonprofit Per Scholas. Per Scholas is dedicated to closing the digital divide by serving the NYC community (especially the people of the South Bronx) to get highly skilled computer repair, networking, security, servers and cloud computing technicians and engineers using a unique hands-on experience curriculum model in a 14-week full-time training program. Global Cluster is a proud participant in the ‘Best for NYC’ Challenge. We spoke with CEO Opo Herrera.

What practices are you proud of?

“I’m proud of our partnership with Per Scholas because they’ve been helping the South Bronx for over 20 years. And I’m proud of being a part of that extension [by hiring Per Scholas students], so when a student finishes training they can be in a place where they can use what they were taught. The experience students get at Global Cluster helps them when they get into their next big opportunity, maybe even with a big multi-national company, and they have the skills to not get lost and to retain their job.

I’m also very proud of how we help students to better understand business and technology.”

What did you enjoy about the assessment?

“The ‘Best for NYC’ assessment made me think about the importance of being sustainable and the importance of giving more time to my employees.

The assessment also made me aware of the amount of controls and systems that we can implement to save water, to save gas, and to save electricity, and most of the time that we don’t pay attention to that. Taking the assessment made me want to be more conservative with outside resources.”

What is one change that you want to implement based on the assessment?

“In the future, when we get our own office, I want to make sure that we’re monitoring our use of natural resources. It’s not about tax reductions. It’s about our environmental footprint and how we’re respecting our earth.”

Why would you recommend other businesses take the assessment?

“The assessment helped us expand our definition of success. When you first start taking it, you see questions that have nothing to do with how we normally think of success. We think about managing costs and growing customers and getting revenue. But the further you get into the assessment, the more you realize that all of those questions are important to success too. We talk about understanding our business from 360 degrees… the assessment helped us see our business from 720 degrees. It lets us see things that we don’t normally pay attention to. And it’s up to us to make an action plan to actually implement those things to be more sustainable.”

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