Digital strategy for communication

How to create value for everybody with digital communication

Hi, we’re Julia Johansson and Emil Carlsson Rinstad. We work at Matter Sweden, a communication agency with a weakness for valuable communication. Communication that is as good as the things our clients are selling and as such also liked by their customers.

We wanted to make this course because we often get the question ”but if we just want to start small in bettering our communication, somewhere [without paying you], what should we do?”. And we know the feeling, we can’t help everyone but at the same time we want everyone’s communication to become better. So, we made this course! Two birds, one stone, nah we like birds.

The best thing with the course (we think) is the advice to prioritise. It’s better to communicate really well in one channel than sloppy in 300. We have a tendency to want to do everything, but that is not possible. Actually you can do everything, just not at the same time and perhaps not right now.

The most helpful part is our reader analysis that is attached to post #4. It’s a printable old school hand-out with a cat in the middle, representing every kind of possible reader you might have. This comes with a Creative Commons license free to use and share when attributed.

We also like that we have two versions of the course, one in English and one in Swedish. Extra points if you subscribe to both!

If you’d like to know more about Julia, Emil or Matter, check out and dig a little deeper where you’ll find our blog.

Have a nice summer!

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