Meet Eric and Brittny: the ultimate PoP dream team

Eric and Brittny have been supporters of Pencils of Promise for roughly five years now—primarily through a yearly campaign and most notably with a wedding registry campaign for their wedding this past year. Congrats to the newlyweds! Recently, they decided to join PoP’s Advisory Board to further their commitment to education development.

Why did Brittny and Eric become so involved with PoP? Well, Eric tells us, his mom and family are all Guatemalan, so it was especially meaningful to help a country that he has personal ties to and to see Pencils of Promise’s work firsthand on a #PoPFieldTrip. Together, they’ve funded two school builds in Guatemala and have provided immense support to our teacher training and student scholarship programs. What stood out to Eric and Brittny about PoP was the organization’s long-term commitment to educating communities.

“Every step of the process is well thought-out — from community involvement, build planning, teacher training and student health programs, with each step constantly being evaluated. And not only is the process well thought-out, the PoP staff is excellent as well. We have met and been inspired by country directors and PoP employees at every level, all of whom have the same dedication. This confidence in the organization has caused us to want to spread the word!”

Brittny and Eric have been enthusiastic advocates for PoP’s mission and committed fundraisers. We couldn’t be happier to have them join us in their new role as Advisory Board members!


Our PoP family is always growing. We’d love for you to join us.