Meet NCSU: A PoP Club on a mission

PoP Clubs have been a staple of this organization since its early days, as they truly embody the pioneer spirit that Pencils of Promise champions in our younger advocates. The students at North Carolina State University, led by club president Doug Cameron, are no exception. Doug first read the PoP book in 2015 and was inspired by PoP’s dedication to bringing access to education to the kids who need it most. Compelled to become a part of the mission, Doug set out to create a PoP club at his university.

NCSU holds a number of fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for PoP. A bi-weekly bake sale provides a steady flow of funds and allows those students who aren’t able to participate in weekly meetings to still stay active in the club and practice their “PoP pitches.”

On a larger scale, last fall the club hosted a “Chillin n Grillin” event on their university campus. A local vendor provided food, a DJ donated time to play music for the event and students socialized while playing games like cornhole and kanjam. The night ended with a 50/50 raffle, where students purchased raffle tickets and 50% of the prize was given to a lucky winner, while the other half went to the PoP club.

In early February, NCSU hosted a benefit concert featuring a solo artist and a popular A Capella group on campus. By applying for a school grant, there were no extra expenses for the concert and all proceeds from the evening went exclusively towards NCSU’s fundraising page.

“The concert was so much fun and such a success. It was great to see so many people come and enjoy themselves and support us,” said Doug.

NCSU is an exemplary PoP club, and in Doug’s own words, here’s how they’re able to raise such great awareness about PoP:

1. Designate at least four officers (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary). Make sure your officers are all dedicated to helping your club get off the ground. It took a lot of effort from our club’s six officers and a serious commitment from each — make sure you can count on the same from yours.
2. Draft a constitution and bi-laws for the organization. Initially, I had no idea how to draft a constitution, but after a simple Google search I found a good template and used that as a guide. Take your constitution seriously because not only is it the foundation for the club, but it can also be a useful tool to remind you what your organization is really there for.
3. Find a university faculty member to serve as a club advisor. I was lucky enough to have a great relationship with an academic advisor I had my freshmen year and she was eager and excited to join the cause. I recommend selecting someone who has experience in advising students and an individual who you see on a regular basis.

Education is so important to the members of the NCSU PoP Club, which clearly drives their dedication to PoP’s mission. Despite being busy with school and academic commitments, the club’s members work hard towards their goal of building a school, raising nearly $5,000 to date.

“I cannot imagine where I would be without the education I have received and I hope that one day every child will be afforded the same opportunities I’ve had,” Doug said.

Thank you to the students at North Carolina State University for your passion for change and for helping PoP educate students around the world.


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