Meet Sean: he’s braving the toughest of obstacles in support of quality education for more children across the world

Sean Banilivy is demonstrating his commitment to education the hard way. As a participant of various endurance races and obstacle courses he competes in Tough Mudder, Spartan Beast, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac, Bone Frog, and, not to mention, multiple 5Ks and 10Ks throughout the year: all in dedication to his Pencils of Promise campaign.

A deep love for children and devotion to education is what initially sparked Sean’s interest and partnership with PoP. Many miles, trails and obstacles later, Sean has continuously proved himself to be an avid PoP supporter and fully dedicated campaigner. He struggles to accept the fact that not all children are granted the same access to a quality education that he was, and he chooses to take a stand against this upsetting standard.

Sean is pictured below sporting PoP swag during his most recent race, the Spartan Beast: a 14 mile course boasting 35 varied obstacles, each testing his individual strength, endurance and resolve.

He describes himself as an entrepreneur focused in the hospitality space, creating new opportunities and businesses while helping others along the way. Sean’s peers and teachers most likely guessed that his perseverance would take him places one day. He played on multiple championship-winning sports teams, was the youngest member of his school’s model congress (passing a bill in high school!) and was even featured in his local newspaper for his stand-out performance in their ‘stock market game’. The best part of this game, Sean explains to PoP, was the opportunity it offered him to connect with his peers, especially those who may not have had the same high confidence that he had. He focused his strategy on raising them up and helping them each reach their own goals, all the while reaching his.

Sean’s ultimate goal is to build a school, however, his great contribution to PoP, and overall dedication to impact the live’s of children, extends far beyond the tangible. “Together, we have an amazing opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of children around the world!”

Sean’s life motto: Be good to others.

We second that.

Our PoP family is always growing. We’d love for you to join us.

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