Meet Wonder Workshop: A company committed to education for all

Wonder Workshop is a computer science education company that infuses tech in an established curriculum to teach computer and coding skills to kids from an early age. Kids learn to create motion and action through two blue robots, Dot and Dash.

How did a robot-coding tech company team up with an international education nonprofit to bring literacy programs to the developing world? It started in 2012, after Vikas Gupta, Wonder Workshop CEO, read the PoP book. He immediately saw that PoP and his new company shared a similar vision to provide young children with educational opportunities.

After speaking with the PoP team, Vikas decided to donate $1 to PoP from every Dash robot sold. The setup of this partnership allows Wonder Workshop’s success to directly benefit the children that PoP’s schools and programs support, while also educating kids here in the U.S., making the company’s relationship with PoP sustainable for years to come.

In a modern world infused with technology, it seemed natural to the creators of Wonder Workshop to create tech for daily education and to teach the language behind it. Many every day things that seem “magical” to a kid, like turning on a thermometer from your phone or a self-driving car, have code at the core of their building blocks.

By understanding and learning to “speak code,” kids learn to problem solve, critically think and excel in these modern times. Both PoP and Wonder Workshop believe that education provides an opportunity for children to re-imagine the world and become future engaged citizens.

Wonder Workshop’s donations are tied to supporting PoP literacy programming — including Teacher Support, e-readers and Water & Hygiene (WASH) — in the Goviepe-Todzi community in the southwest Volta region of Ghana. While a school build is the first step in providing kids with a quality education, programming is a critical second step to supplement student learning.

These programs will allow Wonder Workshop to play a major role in helping the students of Goviepe-Todzi Pre & Primary School learn to read and write, bringing PoP one step closer to our goal of providing all kids with a quality education, no matter where they’re born. As Wonder Workshop continues to grow, selling more and more Dash and Dot robots each year, it will have a huge impact not only on the lives of kids in the U.S., but on the lives of children around the world.

Students from Goviepe-Todzi, Ghana, the community that Wonder Workshop is supporting through PoP programming.


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Want to learn more about Wonder Workshop? Check out their website.