What Is The Best Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Serum? Here Is Our Top 3

Jim Fowler
Apr 23, 2018 · 6 min read

In the pursuit of beauty, you’re going to come across countless options for anti-aging serums, anti-wrinkle creams, and moisturizing masks.

But what is the best one?

We’ve set out to find out.

We should start at the beginning, by first figuring out how all these products work. Once we identify that, then we can figure out which one is the best option.

How do anti aging serums work?

First, let’s start with the fact that serums have a different base than cream products.

Because they have a different makeup (no pun intended) and consistency, they can penetrate your skin in different ways.

For this reason, many dermatologists say that serums are more capable of penetrating deep into your skin and providing real noticeable results with consistent usage.

So what do the serums do and how do they help aging skin?

Aging in skin really happens for a couple reasons.

Our bodies create collagen, which keeps skin firm. As we get older, the collagen product slows down.

Collagen is really what keeps your skin looking young and wrinkle-free. Thus, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging serums are essentially the same thing (less wrinkles equals younger looking skin!).

A good anti-aging serum will have at least one active ingredient that promotes the production of collagen in your skin.

An additional factor in skin looking youthful and glowing is moisture.

Retaining moisture is another key factor in anti-aging, as this also reduces wrinkles and just generally gives your skin a much healthier, glowing look.

This combination of collagen production and moisture retention is exactly what you want to look for in an anti-aging serum.

What to Consider when Picking an Anti Aging Serum

Now that we know how these serums work, we can go ahead and start laying out some guidelines about what to look for when picking out which serum is best.

For the purposes of our best serum list below, these are the three main categories that we looked at. By including multiple criteria, we were better able to pick between different serums that might be more or less the same otherwise.


As mentioned, the key role in an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging serum is to moisturize and promote collagen production.

So, when trying to find the best anti-aging serum, you have to look at the ingredient mix.

Not only do you want ingredients that work towards the end result, you want ingredients that work together.

For example, Vitamin E is a great ingredient for overall skin health, as it helps eliminate free radicals. But it is really only most effective in combination with Vitamin C. So if you see the first, you would hope to see the latter.


One aspect to definitely pay attention to when it comes to investing in a face serum is the source — where is it made?

You should obviously be careful with anything that you’re going to be applying to your face.

The product should be made in accordance with the highest safety standards and made from the highest quality ingredients. For that reason, we favor products manufactured in the USA or in Europe, where producers have to face more stringent product laws (and you can feel a bit safer if the manufacturer has been vetted by the FDA).


This is really a factor when it comes to buying anything, not just serums, isn’t it?

When all is said and done, you want to know that you’re getting a good product at a good value.

So…What Is The Best Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Serum?

Here is our list of what we believe to currently be the top anti-aging, anti-wrinkle serums on the market.

1. Kollweil Anti-Aging Elixir

Kollweil’s Anti-Aging Elixir is our vote for the best anti-aging serum of 2018

In our opinion, the Kollweil Anti-Aging Elixir is the best anti-aging serum of 2018.

It comes in at $82, which is actually a lower price point than some other big name serums that are on the market.

While still being a bit pricier than a lot of serums on the market, when you consider its incredibly impressive list of ingredients, the price is actually a steal.

This particular serum incorporates plant stem cells from the Globularia Cordifolia flower, which a few studies have shown to be extremely effective and beneficial.

And it’s actually rare to find plant-based stem cell serums that use the Globularia Cordifolia as its main ingredient.

Then, they layer in all the more common ingredients that combine together to make a very powerful serum. Hyaluronic acid for moisture retention, MSM for collagen production, Vitamins C and E to fight free radicals and protect the skin, and all sorts of beneficial botanical extracts.

Overall, this serum is best in class in our book.

The combination of rare plant stem cells as the focal point of this serum, and a formula that includes a range of proven ingredients, makes Kollweil’s Anti-Aging Elixir our choice for the best of 2018.

Our Rating: 4.9/5

2. IMAGE Skincare “the MAX” Stem Cell Serum

IMAGE Skincare’s “the MAX’ comes in at the #2 spot on our list of best anti-wrinkle, anti-aging serums for this year.

IMAGE Skincare comes in at the #2 spot of our top anti-aging serums this year.

This is another serum that combines the power of stem cells (yes, you’re starting to spot a trend) along with other ingredients.

The active stem cells in this particular serum happen to be Swiss Apple Stem Cells. These are a bit more common than the ones used by our #1 serum (Kollweil), but they are certainly effective.

This serum also provides extended release of Vitamin C, which is something that sets this serum apart.

While the combination of ingredients in this serum isn’t quite as extensive, it does provide a formula powerful enough to be effective, and the extended release is something unique to this serum.

This one is also a bit pricier.

You can pick it up on Amazon for $98.

IMAGE Skincare’s “the MAX” serum is powerful and effective. Albeit, compared to Kollweil’s serum, it is a bit pricier with an ingredient list that isnt’ quite as extensive.

It gets our vote for the #2 best anti-aging serum of 2018.

Our Rating: 4.6/5

3. Ogee “Seeds of Youth” Serum

Rounding out our list of top 3 anti-aging serums of 2018 is this serum by Ogee

Yes, you guessed it…another stem cell serum.

There’s a reason that all three serums on our top list utilize stem cells, because science has progressed enough that we can actually leverage their power!

This our third serum on the list, and our third variety of plant stem cells. In this instance, Ogee uses stem cells from the edelweiss plant.

Similar to the stem cells used by Kollweil in their serum, these come from a mountainous flower.

Another similarity is the variety of other ingredients used alongside the stem cells. In this case, Ogee puts a heavy focus on hyaluronic acid (which makes sense — and as does Kollweil).

Both serums also put a heavy focus natural ingredients. The Ogee serum has cold-pressed jojoba oil, which is wonderful for your skin.

When it comes to price, the Ogee anti-aging hydrating serum is the cheapest of the three that we’ve listed here.

You can purchase it for $65 directly on their website.

However, the size is slightly smaller (20ml vs 30ml). So, on a per-ml basis, the Kollweil Anti-Aging Elixir actually comes out a bit cheaper.

That being said, Ogee has made a high-quality, effective serum that deserves its spot on our list of best anti-wrinkle, anti-aging serums of 2018

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Summary: Our Top 3 Anti Aging Serums (and where to get them)

  1. Kollweil Anti-Aging Elixir
    Price: $82
    Size: 30ml
    Where to get it: Kollweil Website


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