Monthly I18n And L10n Roundup — October 2016

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LinkedIn to get Banned in Russia for not Complying with Data Localization Law

The world’s largest online professional network LinkedIn could face a ban in Russia after the company has failed to comply with a Russian data localization law that compels companies to keep data on Russian users in their country.

Why Localization is More Than Just a Buzz Word

Localization is far from new, although the term may seem foreign to you. If you studied a business degree at college, it probably came under the umbrella of global marketing. Companies large and small have been adapting their products to suit foreign markets for as long as trade existed. Thinking global and acting local for centuries, in fact.


App Store screenshots localization

I hope this article will help you manage your localized screenshots and will make your workflow easier.


Big Fish or Big Pond? Search Localization Changes Everything

You probably already know that Google has been making an effort to match buyers with businesses in their own geographic area. This is partly out of consumer preference — who doesn’t like buying local? — and partly as a result of mobile integration, which leads searchers to look for products and services while they are “on the go.

7 Ways for Growing Engagement in iOS Mobile Apps

Engage with your users on a cultural level by speaking to them in their own language. Localization is the process of translating your app into multiple languages. Traditionally, the option to choose a language is offered upon launch, however an option in the application settings can also be dedicated to this feature..


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Setting and Managing Locales in Rails i18n

Setting And Managing Locales In Rails I18n

One of the previous articles was covering I18n in Rails. We talked about storing and fetching translations, localizing the app and other useful stuff. What we have not discussed, however, are the different ways to manage locales across requests.

iOS Localization - The Ultimate Guide to the Right Developer Mindset

IOS Localization — The Ultimate Guide To The Right Developer Mindset

iOS gets a thumbs-up from many developers as a platform for developing apps. With its integrated development environment Xcode and its storyboards, it seems like a perfect match for the ordered, logical thought that goes into app creation. But what happens when you want to release your app in languages other than the one you normally speak or work in? iOS Localization!

Originally published at PhraseApp Blog.