Why the Top 8 List On Thom Rainer’s Site Is Faulty & How To Fix It With Content Marketing And An Advanced Tactic

It seems like everyone knows to prioritize website and content marketing when you build or manage a site these days. Even church websites are trying to optimize their sites well, which is a good thing.

Someone forwarded a great post from Thom Rainer’s blog recently that featured 8 Things Your Church Website Must Have.

Thom Rainer's Blog Article

First, let me say this: Thom’s blog is rock solid.

But when I read this post, it made me pause.

It’s not that this set of recommendations are wrong (they are all things you need on your website, so pay attention). But it is missing two super critical things IMHO that you can’t ignore much longer in this day and age of content marketing and advanced digital advertising strategies.

In this week’s video, I share what’s missing and why they need to bump all 8 things on this original list down in priority.


Bottom line? Content Marketing + Remarketing are Two Critical Considerations For All Websites Today

This seems new to a lot of church communicators that I’ve run into. So I’m really wondering — Have you ever thought about these TWO CRITICAL TACTICS?

Please let me know if you’d like to learn more about remarketing so I can share more if there is interest.