Top 7 Best Web Hosting for Small Business: Proven Trustworthy Companies To Use

So… you really wanna start a business?

The economy’s tough, unemployment is at a record high and growing and you’ve decided your best option is to start your own business, be your own boss and put yourself in control. Instead of working for someone who’s living their dream, work for yourself and live your dream. That was an easy decision — obviously not, but where do you start?

My first suggestion is to take a deep breath. Now a second deeper breath. Is this really what you want to do? If the answer is still ‘Yes’ then the next decision is just to get out there and get on with it, yeah?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘Look before you leap.’ You’ve also heard, ‘Ready, aim, fire.’ Well, these have become good sayings for good reason. You’ll meet plenty of business consultants and sales people who say “Leap, and then look” or “Ready, fire, aim” because chances are they are trying to sell you something, make that anything.

However, if you don’t have unlimited money and whether you survive or thrive, I think “Look before you leap” or “Ready, aim, fire” makes much better sense.

#1 — Interserver

Interserver is among the perfect all-rounder web host. The most impressive thing about Interserver that has largely increased its popularity is its network. Interserver possesses infrastructure specifically built for speed. In addition, it is economic friendly as most people can comfortably afford it ranging from students to high-end people in the society.

Interserver uses technology such as strong routing and switching equipment from Riverstone, Extreme Networks and Cisco. They also boast of an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol brand and offer various hosting packages ranging from dedicated hosting, managed hosting to shared hosting.

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Some of the Interserver features include WordPress, Phone Support, PHP 5, Uptime Guarantee, PHP and MySQL. Furthermore, Interserver allows free sites migration for new customers and has highly customisable VPS hosting plan.

Based on first-hand experience, Interserver is extremely fast and I have never had a downtime during its usage. Their tech support is fast and they command 100 percent in-house customer supports. Overall, Interserver is one of the best web hosts that exist to date.

#2 — Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a full-bodied web hosting service with tools required for setting up a new user-friendly site. With their lite speed web servers, they offer an assortment of virtual private server (VPS), reseller-hosting packages, WordPress, shared and dedicated hosting. This enables them to guarantee exceptional performance. After conducting multiple test sites using Hostwinds the reliability statistics are remarkable.

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This web hosting service provider has a website builder namely Trendy Tools. Trendy Tools offers various options and features for constructing a new site. This brand also boasts of fewer sites per server with affordable prices. In addition, they have other features such as:

  • Free dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Website Transfers
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases
  • Weebly Site Builder
  • Instant Setup

The various exceptional features make Hostwinds outstanding in a very competitive market. Hence, this web host ends up nurturing longer relationships with their clients because of the 100 percent customer satisfaction that they promise and deliver.

#3 — InMotion

One of the most surprising things is that, with InMotion being among the oldest web hosting service providers, it is also one of the fast growing and reliable hosting service brand. If your site is experiencing long periods of downtime, clients will not be in a position to find your services or product. This might lead to the loss of new and potential customers. However, InMotion Hosting is a top choice overall because it caters for almost everyone’s needs.

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The brand has a pro-active customer service, which provides responsive support to its global users. InMotion Hosting also provide their clients with high-quality hosting performance of good uptime. Behind the scenes, InMotion is user-friendly and convenient to use. Some other outstanding services of InMotion includes their great onboarding process, multiple communication channels, strong focus on security, solid WordPress features , free website backups among others. Fortunately, InMotion is extremely dependable with satisfaction guaranteed.

#4 — Hostgator

If you are in need of a powerful and flexible web hosting service provider, Hostgator should be on your radar. The company, recently credited among the top hosting brands, boasts off exceptional speed and reliability that go unmatched in the industry. In addition, Hostgator has been deemed as the best web hosting for any individual, start-up or company to grow with. In spite of having large number of servers, Hostgator still maintains a consistent response time with a reliability rating of five stars out of five.

Hostgator offers effective dedicated and VPS options. The web hosting service provider has also been outstanding concerning server reliability. This feature-packed Hostgator was rendered as the best web hosting service provider for business among other WordPress hosting service providers. This web host has leveraged their extensive knowledge of developing various softwares and web hosting. Thus, they are in a position to come up with dependable self-sustaining solutions.

#5 — Hawkhost

Hawkhost has gained its popularity due to their tightened security features. The web hosting service brand has a team of skilled professionals tasked with closely monitoring the location of their various server software. This has largely contributed to the high safety measures maintained.

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Website uptime is an extremely imperative part of the web hosting experience. Thus, this service provider offers a respectable uptime. The company also has a functional round-the-clock customer service. Regardless of the time any of their clients experiences any technical hitches, Hawkhost team is always there to offer the required assistance. They also boast of a 99.9 percent uptime and their data centers are CloudFlare optimized. In addition, Hawkhost provides their clients with free migration support.

The most bewildering trait about this web host is about their automated features and tools. This features offer services to fix common glitches. These providers do not require their workers to solve these problems, which enhance their conveniences.

#6 — Siteground

Siteground is well renowned for its fast setup service. It only takes three clicks with the guidance of a free call from their support team to set up a website with them. The startup plan involved is easy and contains important hosting features one may need to get started. The plan involves simply dragging and dropping content into their website builder. The web host also recorded the highest result on Bitcatcha’s server speed. This outcome resulted to Siteground being ranked among the fastest web hosting service provider in the world.

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This web host brand provides a perfect mix of IT solutions and business consultancy services. This brand may be suited for websites frequently visited. Additionally, there is adequate space for e-commerce businesses, which are resource-intensive in nature. Siteground has gained popularity over time with their distinct hosting features. For example, this brand allows one to host numerous sites in a single account at no additional cost.

Surprisingly, they have a ’30 days money back’ program that they conduct. Other unique features such as free automatic daily backups and free let’s encrypt SSLs have made the company a popular choice. Besides, Siteground has great tech, which supports live chat. Nevertheless, the downside of this web hosting service provider is their limited web space.

#7 — Bluehost

Bluehost is currently among the least expensive and most popular web hosting service company. In spite of their uptime taking a hit last year, Bluehost has enhanced its uptime to nearly 99.99 percent. This has been followed by great improvements in their load times. With speed levels been integral in any new website, this brand has gained confidence among its new users.

Contrary to the ‘cheap is expensive, theory Bluehost has been relatively maintained their cheaper pricing models compared to other companies. The brand has advanced security features to counter the increasing number of cyber-attacks. With the two- factor authentication and token validation, incidences of data breaches are now been curbed.

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Besides security features, web hosting service control panel is enriched with applications that enable integration of other services. Cloudflare is also available to increase the speed of your internet while securing your website from potential threats.

Start Right

If starting your business is in your immediate future you and are not sure where to start, a website should get you kicking (assuming you already have a good, solid plan). If you might be looking to make a good name for yourself in the internet, getting the perfect webpage may help you to get your brand exhibited in your marketplace.

Today, there are more than 1.5 billion websites hosted online. A fraction of these websites are owned by small businesses. According to Statista, there are more than 3.58 billion internet users up from 3.39 billion in the previous year (2017). So if you are into business, this translates to paying customers. And if you tap into these huge market, your business will experience more sales and increased revenue.

Having a website also helps to improve your business value. You can use an online brochure, for example, that promotes your products and services. Your website also serves as a communication with your customers thru contact form, email, or even live chat. Lastly, a website gives your business instant credibility.

Creating A Website

Two decades ago, if you wanted to have a website built for your small business, there were two options only:

  • You either code and design the website yourself, or
  • Hire a web designer or development company

Today, you don’t need to learn any coding skills. Hosting companies have made it easier for users to build a 5 to 10-page website using an intuitive drag and drop builder. In addition, there are hundreds of content management systems available online and they have helped to ease the process of building a website.

Hence it is important to have a trusted and reliable web hosting. Sure you can host your own website from home using your own computer, but if you are planning to have a business website or any website that you want people to go to, then having a third party web server would be a more ideal solution. This is because hosting companies already have existing security parameters to keep your files safe and have built-in popular content management system such as Wordpress. Their web servers are also much faster which is important if you want people to see what’s in your website. These hosting companies also checks and updates their system regularly to make sure that you’re website is always up and working properly.

5 Types of Hosting

Web hosting is the process of allowing businesses or even particular individuals to publish their sites on the Internet. This creates a platform for Internet users to access different websites. The content being displayed maybe the products and services offered by the company. Thus, web hosting allows the website to be available to anyone who may be surfing the Internet. Web hosts provide Internet connectivity and data space. This process may be in different services such as:

1. Shared Web Hosting — This is where a number of various sites are hosted on a single server.

2. Dedicated Hosting — In this particular service, users have total control of the server. However, the clients may not own the hardware by themselves.

3. Reseller Hosting — Reseller hosting promotes independence since users end up becoming web hosting service providers.

4. Cloud Hosting — This web host entails a virtual hardware, which provides remote services and solutions to its clients.

5. Managed Hosting — Just as its name suggests, clients obtaining this services have their sites managed by the particular web host. However, they use remote management tools to access and make adjustments to their data since they lack full control.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Web Host Company

Different web hosting service providers will offer you an array of enterprise-grade solutions. Web hosts, which turns to be your website’s engine, enables the customization of different sites delivered to the Internet users. Internet users can access specific websites by typing in the respective domains or website addresses in their browsers. Poor web hosting service companies may cause sluggish and unreliable performances. Thus, some important things one needs to consider when deciding to buy web hosting services for personal or businesses purpose include:


The safest way to shun your website away from hackers is by laying great emphasis on various security features. A few years ago, only monetized websites were targets for hackers. However, that has changed over time as even small businesses have turned to be primary targets. This has facilitated the generation of multiple security features. Therefore, one needs to consider particular web hosts that possesses security features that suite their businesses. Some of the common security features include Malware scans, SQl and SSL Certification.

Range of Features and Services

Web hosting companies need to deliver a suitable range of services required for site building. Web hosting platforms differ in the type of features they possess. Some companies may be ideal when their designs target beginners lacking previous coding experience. Others may be a good choice for offering technologies to implement cutting-edge solutions. Thus, one may need to ascertain that their web hosting needs are effectively sorted by the specific features availed by different web hosts. The distinct features offered include backup services, languages and email features.

Price and Subscription Model

Suitable price models offer money back guarantees. Every user wants an affordable web hosting service provider that is reliable and economical. Thus, one needs to compare the various services that each company provides with the prices that they are charging. After considering what your own website needs, it is easier to identify the ideal provider that perfectly suits the business needs and budget.

Customer Review

Conducting a research on the company or brand reputation that one might have chosen is important. This may be in form of Google Blog search or reviews search on Twitter and Facebook. Information that one attains provides them with insights with the proficiency levels that the company possesses. Customer review also offers the views on how the current and former customers relate with the company and the ease of contacting the support teams.

Web Host Server Reliability

Server reliability is among the most vital factor one needs to consider when choosing the web hosting service provider. After setting up a business, it may be unfortunate to have the new website go down. This may tarnish the image of the business to its new and targeted customers. Thus, it is important to choose a provider who possess stable network connections and decent hardware that supports full-time website availability over the Internet.

User-Friendly Interface

In spite of most people not considering this, it is also important to take great consideration of how the design ought to be. One needs to research on how the various web-hosting companies are handling their already assigned websites. This improves decision-making as it becomes easy to identify the company or brands, which possesses the qualities that are required for our specific assignment. A clean, simple and user-friendly backend will be attractive to any Internet user.

Customer Support

Somewhere along the road you will encounter problems and issues on your website. No matter if it was your fault or your website just acted weird or somebody tried to harm your website or perhaps it’s the company server’s down, your chosen web hosting company must be able to attend your concern in a jiffy. Remember, this is your business, and if you are relying heavily on your website to get clients and customers, then I strongly suggest you go for a hosting company that are not only available in a heartbeat but also will cross mountains to help you solve your website issues.


I have served a lot of clients whose majority of their websites are local businesses. Every time we setup their websites, we always refer them to the TOP 7 best web hosts that I mentioned above. We have proven and tested them and I have been using them with my websites. Personally, I’d choose Interserver, but any of the seven will work out for you just as excellent.