Top 3 Best Deep Fryer: Enjoy Crispy-fried Goodness at Home

Deep fat frying is one of the simplest cooking methods around, but it still takes a little bit of know-how–and the best deep fryer for the particular situation–to do it right. Since deep frying, at the most basic level, just involves placing food into extremely hot oil, you don’t (strictly speaking) even need any specialized equipment to do it. In a pinch, you can use any tall-sided pot or even a wok to deep fry your food. You can also use a specialized “stove top” fryer, complete with food basket, if you want to go the low tech route. However, there are a ton of great deep fryers out there that easier and safer to use than ever before.

T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer

The T-Fal Ultimate Immersion Fryer is a great solution if you are looking for a professional style deep fryer that will enable you to cook restaurant-quality fried foods at home. It has a large frying basket that can accommodate all of your favorite foods.

Flexibility is provided by the unit’s adjustable thermostat. It uses a temperature-ready light that alerts you when the oil is the correct temperature for you to start cooking.

A really great feature of the product is how it manages oil. It automatically drains and filters the oil into an integrated oil container and stores it for future use. This means that users never have to touch the oil. All the parts (except from the heating element) are dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a breeze. The detachable magnetic plug and the external handle of the basket cater for safety.

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Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer

The Secura 4.2L Stainless-Steel, Triple-Basket Deep Fryer is a perfect fit for larger families that enjoy the taste of fried food. With the machine’s jumbo basket you can fry up to a 4L capacity. It also comes with two smaller baskets that you can use to fry two different foods side by side — a great feature if you ask us!

We have done significant research to determine what customers think of this deep fryer — and it turns out that they love the food that it makes.

You won’t have to worry about the danger and inconvenience of spilt oil because the machine’s lid is ‘splatter proof’. Another safety feature of this deep fryer is its magnetic plug. This means that if you knock the item onto the floor the plug will detach itself and won’t create the danger of electrified oil spilling on your floor. Yet another is its timer that automatically turns off the fryer just in case you leave it alone for too long.

The fryer is comprised of a stainless-steel body and a clear viewing window which allows you to view the food while it fries. The carbon filter will reduce odors that are common with deep fat fryers.

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Presto 5466 Pro Deep Fry

The Presto 5466 deep fat fryers will allow you to fry two types of food at once or extra large batches of one type using two baskets. You can fry family-size quantities quickly because this unit has a 12-cup capacity. It can also accommodate large pieces of chicken or fish. If you have never used a deep fat fryer before then you might appreciate this product’s signal light feature that will let you know when the oil is ready for frying. For experienced users, the fryer has an adjustable thermostat so that you can select a variety of temperatures in which to use it.

Aside from the features directly related to frying, this product also has a cover that is used as a shield to prevent spattering when lowering food, and is also very easy to clean after use.

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The Technology Behind It

To understand the technology behind the deep fat fryer, it is essential to get an idea of how food gets fried in the oil. It is synonymous to a chemical reaction, wherein two chemical processes happen, viz heating and dehydration. The first process is the heating followed by the dehydration. As the oil gets heated, the food immersed or partially submerged in it receives the heat through the heat transfer mechanism.

Dehydration phenomenon sets in, wherein the moisture within the food escapes to the surface of the food. Simultaneously the food is cooked due to the heat and the rapid loss in the moisture content which gives the puffiness and the crispy taste to the food. The moisture that leaves as vapour from the food increases the convection of the oil. The convection in conjunction with the oil’s high temperature gives a uniform heating to the food immersed in the oil. This is the characteristic reaction behind the frying chemistry.

The deep frying mechanism imitates the same but in a different manner. One needs to just submerge the food in to the oil kept inside the deep fat fryer. The key area is the energy efficiency parameter. The fried food becomes dangerous to health only if it is overcooked and burnt.

The source of the heat energy varies in the deep far fryers and often commonly it is either the electric or the gas variety. Many factors in the deep fat fryer control the cooking process and energy efficiency. To name a few temperature control timer, ventilation system preserves the food quality and keep it healthy and crispy.

Factors Controlling The Deep Fryer


The oil temperature plays a vital role in determining the final characteristics of the cooked food. It is very essential that the food should undergo the rapid drying stage. Hence if it is cooked at very high temperature rapid drying stage is accelerated thereby causing an unexpected oil absorption by the food immersed. On the other hand if the food is cooked at lower temperatures, yields a lower oil substance during in the initial stages of cooking. However, the oil is temperature free when a constant range is maintained which is possible in the contemporary deep fat fryers.

Frying period

The deep fat frying cooks at a rapid rate. However, for better and the right results it is vital to oversee the process. In most of the products, a general guide with respect to the time is given. But by far, it is generally through experience that one learns to take it out when it achieves the golden brown colour.

Fryer Efficiency

The performance parameter is dependant on factors such as the fryer source (either gas or electric) and the heating method. There are more variations in the gas deep fryer rather than the electric one, solely because of the difference brought about by the change in the combustion system. The efficiency could be hindered during the part load operation. The condition of the deep fat fryer in the stand by mode could reduce the efficiency especially with the gas burners as a result of the less duty cycle of the burner.

Frying oil

Two main properties control the frying oil category, viz, the physical and the chemical properties of the oil and the level of contamination. The ideal temperature range of the oil must be around 150° — 190 ° Celsius. For any fryer type, the oil’s turn over condition is important. The turn over refers to the mass of the oil consumed and the usage frequency. In most of the cases, it is 10 hours. Even within the cooking oil, the fresh oil produces browning effect on the product, whereas the degrading oil and the runaway oil can give uneven cooking, and can give off a burnt odour. Hence it is perfectly up to the user to control the frying oil factor so as to get tasty fried items.


The food plays a significant role in controlling the effectiveness of the deep fat fryers. The constituents and its concentration decide the extent of crispy taste. The specific gravity, size, slice thickness, zero defect affect the quality of the final product. Not to mention the different level of ingredients within the same food family can affect the texture of the final food.

Types of Deep Fryers

The deep fat fryers are broadly categorised based on their application area. If it is for the domestic needs the size, capacity, safety features are considered. On the other hand, commercial ones require enhanced efficiency and safety features. Within the domestic deep fat fryer either gas or electric types are used. The electric deep fryers are more convenient and use latest immersed element to produce the heat. Some of the advance electric deep fat fryer technology uses induction heating, fry pot insulation, low watt density elements and Triac controls.

Whatever be the type, performance is all that matters. The performance is the time required to bring the oil from the room temperature to the pre-heating temperature. The oil must stay in that temperature range until the food is dropped in to it, and later the heat is restored to the oil. The manner in which each deep fat fryer controls the overall stages determines the performance.

Things to Consider When Buying Deep Fat Fryer


Several capacity ranges are available in the deep fat fryer category and one need to choose wisely depending on their family needs. There should definitely no dumping of excess food in the equipment as it can hamper the performance. The weight and the portability can also be taken in to account while considering the capacity.

Dipping basket

The dipping basket must be easy to control the rise and fall operations. Moreover, such a basket type consumes less oil. Some baskets are shaped either rectangular or oval depending on the capacity to hold more.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance and handling depends on the cleaning time, ease of handling and efficient frying. The cleaning parameter is made easy as many are fitted with dish washer safe accessories and some are equipped with thorough cleaning support. Furthermore, the non-stick type gives a hassle free maintenance. The draining system must ensure that the oil is effectively drained without any mess. In some of the deep fat dryer an oil storage feature is available; it enables the user to store it for the next use and it can even filter the oil and keep it contaminant free. The filter is a must to keep the odour off. Sometimes a permanent filter or charcoal filter is used.

Easy to Use

The operating procedure must be breezy. Moreover, almost all the deep fryers are designed with temperature range from 150º up to 190º degree Celsius. It should contain indicators to notify when the cooking is completed. In addition to this, the oil level is notified prior to cooking and it can be either increased or decreased as per the requirement. The viewing window also helps to keep an eye on the frying process. The window size might vary with the manufacturer.

Safety Aspects

The design and construction plays a major role in determining the safety aspect of the deep fat fryer. Cool touch body offering a cord winder for safely storing the power, thermostat control, indicator are some of the basic safety requirements. Besides this, there are a few aspects which are important to consider prior to buying.

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1. The non-slip rubber feet is a must as it can keep the equipment at one place and gives an extra grip while handling it. The thermostat control keeps a good check on overheating the oil so as to avoid combustion. Some are designed with a chip pan to view the cooking progress, but on the other hand if it is equipped with viewing window facility, the potential of oil spitting can be avoided. The thermal body of the deep fat fryer provides the cool touch even while it is working thereby keeping the chance of burns at bay. Due to their extremely high temperature range, the fryers are prone to burns if the outer body is designed with the metal parts.

2. The electrical connections should not violate the regulations. In some of the least expensive models, the safety could be compromised. However certain precautions from the user side can prevent fatal fire accidents. In case of using extension cable, it must be plugged in to the earthed socket. At the same time, the voltage should be equivalent to that as specified by the manufacturer. Finally to conclude, safety handling is a proactive approach in dealing with any sort of electrical appliance.

There are many benefits of having this revolutionary cooking device in your kitchen as we shall learn. It provides the best and easiest way to prepare numerous different types of fried delicacies at the comfort of your home. The capabilities as well as choices are numerous. Now that I have given you enough information about deep fryers, now all you gotta do is choose the best that will cook foods the way you want it to be.