Top 3 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner: Tried and Tested and Gets the Job Done!

Millions of householders reluctantly get their pools ready for the summer season. The outlook of cleaning a pool does not leave me all excited but it is something that has to be done in order to benefit from the cool, clean results that millions of people enjoy each year. The first day you must confront the outlook of cleaning your swimming pool for the season, it is often a moment of fear and loathing.

I used to be one of those people who would take the pole out of the shed and all the cleaning equipment in preparation for a couple of hours of backyard swimming pool mayhem. Having a pool person working in your home, there was always the issue of security as well as uneven service to consider. That being said, I searched for solutions, and thus I found that an automatic pool cleaner takes all the hard work out of the process of getting your pool ready. Now with the help of modern technology, your robot can do the job for you instead.

When it comes to purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. There are 3 types of pool cleaner: Stress side, Suction side, and robotics.

Personally, I like robotics more. They are the future generation of pool cleaners and are considerably becoming the cleaner of selection. They provide comfort and produce excellent results. It moves along the bottom of the swimming pool, climbs up the walls and a lot of stairs cleansing and often cleaning en route. The cleaner collects dust and debris which enters into a fine mesh bag or cartridge. Because it utilizes a special microchip modern technology, it’s easier for a robot pool vacuum to discover the dimension and shape of your pool to create the most reliable and impact cleansing routine for itself. They likewise have an independent built in motor and purification system which enables them to operate independent of your pool system. This indicates no added enhancer pump, large tube extensions or needing to remove your skimmer port.

Below are my best pool cleaner robot picks that I’ve used them myself…

Dolphin Premier 2018

What I love about Dolphin is that they kept building quality models, so even if you wanna go for the Dolphin Nautilus or the Dolphin Quantum, doesn’t really matter since all of their makes are beyond par. With this 2018 Premier model though, it has state-of-the-art commercial grade DC motors and an ingenious Multi-Media filtration system that delivers an exceptional user experience while consuming only 15% energy. The cleaner is well made and having the 4 different types of filters makes it appropriate for all situations, doesn’t get entangled and eat itself (meaning, the wire!), and doesn’t wander aimlessly around the pool like all other brands.

And get this… right out of the box it was ready to roll! Once you get it rolling, you’ll be impressed with its dual scrubbing brushes. It’s gonna clean things you couldn’t even see. When the pool looks clean to the eye test and I put in the cleaner with the finest filters, you can see the dirt that was still picked up.

Yes, it maybe pricey, but join the club of non-regretter people who bought this and never looked back.

Available at Amazon

Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport

Next stop, Zodiac’s Polaris 9400 Sport does an excellent job on pool cleaning. The robot is doing all the cleaning work in a profound and effective manner. It tackles any pool terrain and climbs over obstacles and walls without getting stuck, even turns around when falling on its “back”, finding its way in a tricky pool architecture with columns in the water and even the broad staircase leading into the pool. It also consumes lower operating costs and has 2-year limited warranty.

What I like about this robot is that it has a larger filter canister, four times than the other brands. Compared to the Dolphin 2018 premier, this fella here weighs only 16 lbs and has caddy included.

Available at Amazon

Hayward RC9955 TigerShark Plus

This pool cleaner from Hayward is well engineered and solid, has so much power it will easily latch onto and crawl up every wall in your pool. It can run one cycle in four hours and is smart enough to detect and shut itself off when one time its cord got caught in the rollers. Among the three that I’ve recommended, this one has the most efficient energy saver — you can actually save up to 94% on its energy consumption. Filters are washable and comes with 1 year warranty.

Just like all other cleaners, it is rather heavy. It is also worth noting, that even though this pool vacuum robot does quick and thorough cleaning, it’s filter has small capacity; good for day to day maintenance, but doesn’t do well for storm or spring cleanup.

Available at Amazon

Tips for Buying a Pool Cleaner


There are pool cleaners for all size pools. Be sure to check the manufacturers recommendation to determine whether a cleaner is appropriately size for your pool. Also, when choosing a cleaner, remember that the cord length needs to be sufficient to reach all corners of the pool.


Most cleaners either use a filtration cartridge or a filtration bag. Cartridges are designed to be disposable and are thrown away once they become clogged. Bags, on the other hand, are generally able to be emptied, cleaned and reused.


Pool cleaners can be a costly investment. When choosing a cleaner, consider the length of the manufacturers warranty. It is highly recommended to take an extended warranty if it is offered. Should your cleaner break or need maintenance, the parts and service can be very costly.


Be sure to consider where you are going to store your cleaner when it is not being used. The larger cleaners can weigh in excess of 150 pounds. Some manufacturers make a caddy to assist with moving the cleaner to and from storage.

TLC & Maintenance

I would recommend not leaving the your pool vacuum in the water all the time. Always take it out right after the cleaning cycle. And when you do, make sure the entire cleaner is rinse off, including all the working components. This will reduce the chlorine and whatever chemicals may be on it, reducing the degradation and wear and tear of parts.

Don’t put it into the pool when it’s being shocked either. Not only that, keeping its filter clean is an absolute must. If the filter is dirty, the cleaner starts to slow down, maybe even stop.

Studies have shown that automatic pool cleaners have saved a great deal of of money for their owners. You may also want to compare the system against a pool person who charges a certain fee for regular maintenance. In the end, you may find that your robot will more than pay for itself in savings and service.

On the whole, I would say that automatic swimming pool cleaners are undeniably the way to go. They tend to be reliable and systematic in their cleaning. Get yourself a good model that thoroughly cleans your swimming pool so that you don’t have to!