How to Change Key / Pitch of Youtube Video for Free

On Youtube you can find songs and music videos of all kinds. You can also find karaoke videos that allow you to sing as the words scroll across the screen. In these cases, the need may arise to have to change the key (or pitch) of a music video in order to have an audio file compatible with one’s own voice. In the following gude we will see two ways to change pitch of a Youtube Video.

Way 1: Change the key/pitch after saved the Youtube video on your PC

This first way consists in two simple steps:

  1. Save the Youtube Video on your PC using a free online service available on the web (e.g y2mate or Copy the URL of the video in the box and click on Download. The YouTube Video will be saved on your PC in MP4 format.
  2. Once the video is saved on your PC, you can change it’s key / pitch using the software Video Mix.

How Video Mix works?

Step 1. Download and install Video Mix on your Windows PC


The free demo version will add a watermark on the output video. Click here to request the full version without watermark limitation. After installation, the program will automatically start and you will see the following main screen:

Step 2. Import the video file

Now you can import the video clip in the program. Click in the middle of the screen or press at the top left on “Add Video Files” button select the video file from your PC. Import it and you will see the file in the program as shown in the following image:

Step 3. Change Youtube video pitch / key

Move the “Key” slider to the left or right to change the key (-12 to +12). Once done, click on “EXPORT” below to save the video with the new tone.

Before exporting you can also click on Preview button to see the edited video with the new pitch.ù

Way 2. Change the pitch while playing the Youtube Video

We have already seen an excellent pitch video changer program that allows you to change the pitch of videos saved on our computer. If you do not want to download Youtube videos on your PC and then change its key (or other parameters such as speed and volume), below we suggest a small and free plugin that allows you to change the pitch of Youtube videos directly online.

Here are the detailed steps you need to follow to install and use the Youtube pitch changer plugin on your PC.

Step 1. Open Youtube website on your Google Chrome

Step 2. Install a small extension on Chrome called Youtube Pitch & Speed Changer. You can download from this website or from this direct download link.

Step 3. On your PC you will download a file called

Step 4. Unzip the file “” and save the extracted folder on the desktop of your PC

Step 5. Open Google Chrome and in the address bar type chrome://extensions and hit enter

Step 6. The screen shown below will open. Activate the DEVELOPER MODE option at the top right

Step 7. Click at the top on “Load unpackaged extension” and select the “YoutubePitchSpeedChanger” folder or drag it directly from your computer into the Chrome window (as highlighted in the following figure)

Step 8. The plugin installation will happen instantly. At the top right of the Chrome address bar you will notice the appearance of the following icon, relating to the newly installed extension

Step 9. Now you can go to Youtube and search for the music video to play. Once found, start playback and click on the Youtube Pitch Speed Changer extension icon and a window will open at the top right as shown in the following figure:

Step 10. Start playing the Youtube video and change the key / pitch as you want.

Note 1: To change the key please first click on the OFF button at the top to switch it to ON. Then at the bottom, where the PITCH bar is located, you can move the red slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the tone of the video. Where you see “Mode” drop-down menu we recommend that you select “Semi-tone” so that you can change the tone in semitones (for example by setting +2 you will have set the tone to a higher note).

The pitch change will be applied in real time on the video you are playing!

Note 2: In addition to the video key (or pitch), with this plugin you can also change the speed… you can speed up or slow down any Youtube video! Just act on the “Playback Rate” bar under the “pitch” bar




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