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Leave Room for the Unexpected.

Thoughts on the potential value of random thoughts.

As one of the founders / producers of a conference built around a pretty…

My Name is Dave and I’m Mostly Shallow.

Confessions of a permanent beginner.

One of the best things about the kind of work I’ve been involved in for more than 25 years is that I’ve been able to stick my nose into so many other people’s businesses.

Biotechnology. Aerospace. Education. Mining. Energy. LED technology. Insurance. Heavy equipment…

Not Everything That Counts Can be Counted.

If you hang around the business world long enough, eventually you become familiar with a few maxims and mantras. Here’s one: “What gets measured gets done.”

On a surface level, that statement makes perfect sense. It implies, for example, that if people know they’re being measured, they’re much more likely to work their butts…

What Else Have You Got?

At some point, ‘good’ no longer matters.

When my now 18-year old son was about eight or nine, a professional hockey player


Brand builder. Brand killer.

Everyone seems to be talking about it. Everyone seems to want it. Billions are spent in search of it. It seems that every…

You’re welcome.

Many species communicate. It’s thought that whales, dolphins and porpoises do it sonically and that bees communicate with each other via some sort of pheromone-driven…

Going With the Flow: Revisited

20 questions I (for some reason) didn’t ask as an adolescent

I recently started reading Warren Berger’s “A More Beautiful Question.” The…

Architecting & Measuring a Human Brand

Build a brand by living your purpose, setting goals, working hard and proving it. Then measure its success.

“I’m not a

Procurement is for Paperclips.

We’re in the business of delivering strategy and creativity for the benefit of others — certainly for the people who are our clients, but in reality for the…

Men and Women and Public Conversations

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop overhearing two conversations. One is between a pair of men, the other a pair of women. Both sets are fully…

When you see a great talk, follow up. 

When you go see a great talk, panel, interview, etc…follow up with the speakers.

Backing up…Two days ago I gave a talk at Chicago-based design school. A group of about 80 students in their mid-twenties listened to me yammer on for about 40 minutes and then I invited them to get in touch with me over email if they’d like. After the…

Geocaching, Ingress, and Discovering Overlapping Gaming Communities

When I started designing Cartegram, I had no idea that there were other live games out there like Geocaching and…

I’m Currently Running My Last Kickstarter Campaign Ever

This is what happens when a platform decides to remove constraints. At this moment there are 80+ Potato Salad Kickstarter…

Making an iPhone Game without Code

For most of my life I’ve played games. In highschool I overindulged in RPGs like Final Fantasy and Xenogears. In college it was Counterstrike with friends…

Product Dev Friday

PDF is the latest craze (amongst my friends and I) that you’ve gotta know about! Participating is super simple: You plan ahead and get everything from your day-to-day…

Interests are not Side Projects

And interests aren’t interesting to others.

If you google the phrase “the importance of side projects” you’ll get just over 6.5…

Why’d I buy that domain?

or www.whatwasithinking.stupid/wha?

I have a problem. I buy way too many domain names.

Then I let them expire because either I don’t have time to do anything with them, or realize the idea behind the domain was idiotic. I expressed some self-loathing on Twitter today as I just purchased yet ANOTHER domain and Rob Oswald…

R.I.P. Social Media Publishing

Or what we can do about the decline of organic reach on Facebook

Earlier this month, Facebook dropped a bombshell by not only…

Connectivity isn’t the problem. You are.

A recent New York Times piece titled, “The Joy of Quiet” implies that Americans are too connected for our own good. Apparently we are constantly…

6 Times When You Should Have Said ‘No’

Its like saying “yes” ..but you mean it 

Living in New York I’m beginning to feel that two thirds of my life are being spent on just riding the MTA. If you have ever lived, visited or currently live in New York, I’m sure you understand me completely when I say that the subway system is a pain. I don’t think there is anyone…

Actually Reading

Today I spent time reading articles in their entirety. It’s something I rarely do anymore, and I suspect many of you share this problem.

The Tetherball Champion

In Which A Boy Discovers His True Nature Several Millimeters Beneath The Skin

Gaming the System

As much as we’d like to believe that the products and news captivating our online discussions all happened naturally, a large percentage of them actually got there through…

Great Moments in Card Deck History 

(and what they teach us about Visual Thinking)

What do the Table of Elements, the first IBM computer, and the novel Lolita have in common? Before they were icons of human achievement, they were card decks.

What gives card decks this unique power to create new meaning in the world? The basis of visual…

Best thing I found online today
Best thing I found online today

A show and tell of the internet. Credit your source! 

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