What if success is……

Because there’s no one definition.

  1. Walking from one end of the park to the other on a crisp cold Sunday morning with someone you love.
  2. Knowing that whatever happens, you are enough.
  3. Learning to switch off your phone without feeling anxious.
  4. Being self-aware. Teaching yourself how to be.
  5. Starting the process all over again, each morning.
  6. Accepting you will have up and down days. Work, relationships, life.
  7. Always striving, but always reflecting.
  8. Making Fourteen-Year-Old-You proud.
  9. Knowing that you may never wake up and think I’ve Made It.
  10. Surprising yourself with the smallest reasons why you’re suddenly thinking I’ve Made It.
  11. Being cool with who you are.
  12. Realising you’ve found some of your tribe, and it is growing.
  13. Making something you’re proud of, whether or not you earned (much) money from it.
  14. Experimenting with your own definition of success.
  15. Always being interested in something.
  16. Not letting the demons of the world take away your sparkle.
  17. Having a bath. Having a roof.
  18. Feeling free.
  19. Working on something you enjoy, in any free time you have.
  20. Being open-minded and doing your best.
  21. Looking in the mirror and genuinely liking it.
  22. Continuing to educate yourself.
  23. Being happy with your life. Being happy for others.
  24. Self-validation.
  25. Doing the best with what you’ve got.
  26. Not the amount of followers, but who they are.
  27. Having a phone full of text messages from people who care about you.
  28. Being in control of your creativity.
  29. Waking up and smiling because of something ridiculously small.
  30. Going to the pub with friends who you’ve known for twenty years.
  31. Making someone’s day.
  32. Knowing you’ll be missed by someone.
  33. Knowing who you are, even if it’s for 10 minutes in the middle of normal Tuesday.
  34. Not letting a hateful comment affect you for longer than 24 hours.
  35. One day not letting a hateful comment affect you, at all.
  36. Admitting you don’t know much, but every day you try.
  37. Having put one foot in front of the other your whole life.
  38. Something you cannot put your finger on.
  39. What if success is…this. You. Right now.
  40. What if.

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