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Introducing Cannabis Product Recommendations

Today we’re celebrating the launch of a new project to help connect America’s seniors with trusted information to bridge the cannabis education gap. At Best Cannabis, our experienced advisors are as passionate about their cannabis product recommendations as they are about teaching people about the plant itself. In an overwhelming sea of product choices, all adults could use trusted help deciding which vaporizer to buy, which activation machine works best for making edibles at home, or which fashionable smell-proof bags are most effective. We’ve got you covered, and your purchase will directly aid seniors.

Cannabis advisor picks for all adults = outreach by cannabis educators + informed seniors

We’re all witnessing the cannabis Renaissance sweeping the continent. Medical cannabis is legal in 31 states, plus Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico. Adult-use of cannabis is legal in 9 states, and a handful more states are voting on the issue soon. If people use cannabis for the first time, or for the first time in a while, and have an especially positive time, we think they’ll tell everybody. Having the best products to enjoy that cannabis can make a world of difference.

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Similar to the feeling we sometimes get upon entering a new dispensary, shopping online for cannabis products can be overwhelming. The sheer number of vaporizer companies alone is enough to give us pause.

We make things easy by selecting the one best product in each category. For your part, we appreciate when you use our links to buy, thereby ensuring the benefit to seniors. We’re committed to working with the The Silver Tour to boost their senior outreach programs with our monthly donations.

Today we’re announcing the participation of our experienced cannabis advisors: Bobby Black, “Amsterdam” April Black, Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, Philip Wolf, and Martin Olive. They’ve been road testing cannabis products for decades, have met the makers, and continue to use our picks in their daily lives.

Our Advisors:

Bobby Black

Bobby Black, Chief Operations Officer — Crockett Family Farms; Former Senior Editor — High Times magazine; Host — Blazin’ With Bobby Black, Cannabis Radio

“Amsterdam” April Black

“Amsterdam” April Black, Founder, Higher Way Travel , IG: @higherwaytravel; FB: HigherWayTravel — For six years, April handled travel packages and customer service for the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam via Coffeeshop Travel.

Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson

Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, Creator, Original Bubble Bags, Creator, Hash Church on YouTube; IG: @bcbubbleman

Philip Wolf

Philip Wolf, Cannabis Somm. CEO & Founder, Cultivating Spirits; IG: @cultivating_spirits — Philip recently helped launch Cannabition, an immersive cannabis art museum in Las Vegas.

Martin Olive

Martin Olive, Executive Director, Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco IG: @martinolive — The Vapor Room, a beloved Haight Street dispensary, was forced by the federal government to close its doors in 2012. The Vapor Room has since transformed into a medical delivery service with a loyal following, and is now set to reopen at a new physical location in San Francisco very soon.

Why this project matters:

Cannabis professionals have an opportunity to lead by example with innovative business models. Our approach to giving is built right into the structure of our business. We donate a full equal share of our profits to The Silver Tour. Each of our advisors earns exactly the same each month as The Silver Tour, which is also what I earn as the company founder.

While state laws are changing rapidly, things on the ground are less certain. Seniors are using cannabis at increasing rates, but safe access to cannabis is still limited. Here in California, 65% of local communities have banned cannabis businesses since 2016, casting a shadow on the rollout of our adult- use legal market. In states such as Arizona and North Dakota, where citizens voted medical cannabis into law in 2010 and 2016 respectively, access is nowhere near as feasible as in California. In short, we’ve got a long way to go to ensure reasonable access to effective cannabis that is actually made available by government regulators and officials, even after changes to laws are made.

“This is less of a partisan issue and frankly more of an age issue.” — Aaron Smith, Executive Director, National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), observed in Cannabis Wire

Perhaps because seniors are unaware of the benefits of cannabis, or the true legal situation which keeps effective cannabis medicine out of their reach, seniors’ opinions on change continue to lag behind in the polls nationwide. With the leadership of The Silver Tour we can help encourage education within existing community networks, spanning the generations with trustworthy knowledge. We welcome your visit at: Best Cannabis & IG: @BestCannabis & Twitter: @BestCannabis & FB: BestCannabis

For many years we’ve been the friend everyone turns to for recommendations. We thought it would be cool to fund The Silver Tour while we’re at it.

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