AWS and Container Transformation of Farmazon’s Payment System

Feb 23 · 2 min read

Hello there! In this article, we will talk about the AWS and Container transformation story of Farmazon’s payment system, the online marketplace for pharmacists. The application developed by Craftbase, one of the safest pairs of hands in our country in payment systems, forms the basis of Farmazon’s payment system. Our most important keywords in this project were security and high availability. We would like to thank the founders of Craftbase, Hakan Erdogan and Sabri Onur Tüzün, the CTO of Farmazon, Ahmet Seğmen and their team, who supported us in this process.


  • As always, we proceeded with the everything as code perspective on the project.
  • We used AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as container cluster.
  • By using Github action in CI / CD processes, we increased our operational speed, and enabled management and versioning from a single environment.
  • In Kubernetes, we used Helm in package management and Blue Green as the deployment model.
  • We used AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) service for container images.
  • We used Prometheus for Container and Blackbox metric monitoring, and Grafana to visualize the metrics we collected. Cloudwatch was used for the monitoring operation of EKS and other services. We used AWS Lambda Functions and AWS SNS service to send the alarms we created through communication channels such as Slack.
  • We used AWS Elasticsearch Service for the log infrastructure and Fluentd to collect the logs.


  • A flexible, scalable and high available infrastructure in a cost-optimized manner in accordance with PCI / DSS standards on AWS.
  • Possibility to release at any time of the day with uninterrupted deployment on AWS.
  • Being able to detect problems in advance with 360 degree monitoring.

Team: Hakan Evkuran, Kaan Murzoğlu,Orhan Gazi Dizdaroğlu, Onur Bayhaner


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