Real Time Personalization and Recommendation with Amazon Personalize

Berkay Özuygur
Jan 24 · 3 min read

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You want to present a machine learning supported personalization experience according to your users’ actions and make recommendations for them. But you have no idea about machine learning. At this point, you can create a personalization experience according to your users’ actions by using Amazon Personalize service, which Amazon uses in its own e-commerce platform, and make recommendations for them.


According to McKinsey research, the revenue rate of companies that personalize with machine learning increases between 5 to15%, and the conversion rate increases between 10 to 30%. In e-commerce workloads, it is very important to show users appropriate content from thousands or millions of products and to create a personalized experience. In order to provide this experience, you must do plenty of hard work in the background and choose suitable platforms. You may not always have a team with expertise in this area. Just as Amazon does personalization and recommendation in its own platform, you can use this service on AWS and get very successful results. In this article, I will explain you the Amazon Personalize service,

How it works?

How it Works — Create Data Set Group

Example Data

How it Works — Model Training

How it Works — Create Campaign


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