8 Outstanding Resumes that passed Facebook Product Designer’s Bar

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1. Kathleen Huang

Kathleen Huang is a product designer at Facebook and former UX design intern at Amazon.

2. Cheryl Chan

Cheryl Chan is a Product Designer at Instagram and former intern at R/GA.

3. Min Zhou

Min Zhou is product designer at Instagram and a HCI master graduate from CMU.

4. Tiffany Jiang

Tiffany Jiang is a senior at Carnegie Mellon studying Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction. Previously, She interned at Facebook and Hulu, crafting mobile, web and living room experiences.

5. Stephen Song

Stephen Song is a product designer at Facebook and a former KPCB Design Fellow.

6. Christine Røde

Christine Røde is product designer at Facebook.

7. Will Chan

Will Chan is a product designer at Facebook.

8. Alice Chuang

Alice Chuang is currently working on Facebook Messenger as the designer on the Thread Growth team, focusing on user engagement and retention.

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