8 Product Designer Portfolios with Brilliant Case Studies

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1. Ryan Scott

Ryan is a Senior Product Designer at DoorDash & Product Design Instructor at Tradecraft.

2. Abhishek Kannekanti

Abhishek Kannekanti is an incoming UX designer at Google and former product designer intern at Salesforce and graduate student from RIT.

3. Amruta Buge

Amruta is an Interaction Designer at Google and former design intern at Spotify.

4. Joshua Taylor

Joshua Taylor is a director of design at Credit Karma.

5. Cedric Ith

UX Design intern at Microsoft HoloLens.

6. Li Chen

Li is a UX designer based in San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently working at eBay, innovating on the mobile shopping experience.

7. Kyle Decker

Kyle Decker is a Product Designer at Dropbox.

8. Hiroo Aoyama

Product Design Intern @Facebook, Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech.

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