100 Things To Do With A Bus

My career workshops start the moment you walk into the room.

Instead of that awkward period where strangers trickle in and sit quietly apart from one another, I toss you a sharpie and post-it and ask you to activate your imagination.

Your task is simple and unexpected — write down ideas for what you would do with a bus.

“Given a bus, of any kind or size, and a sizable budget, what would you do?”

Silly questions invite silly answers.

This question is not bounded in reality. You don’t have a bus and you are not aiming for correct answers.

The first lesson of this drill is to help your mind switch from career anxiety to a more positive position of creative silliness.

Though it may feel silly, the answers often reveal insights into our interests.

And then there is an unexpected twist.

Most of these silly ideas are real.

I’ve now seen hundreds of ideas for what to do with a bus. With each new sharpie scrawled post-it, I’ve discovered a real-life example.

Not only does a real-life example exist — it is someones job.

This revelation introduces the second lesson of this drill.

Our awareness is terrible.

We are essentially career-blind. Like horses walking around with blinders on.

Awareness is often our biggest career gap. Once we recognize this gap, we can make smart moves to close it.

How to run the drill (10 minutes)

  1. Provide sharpies and post-it notes.
  2. Designate wall space or use a Post-it Easel Pad.
  3. Share prompt with the audience and invite them to place their post-its on the wall as they come up with ideas.
  4. Ask audience to announce their ideas as they place them on the wall.
  5. Invite them to build on ideas that other people share using “Yes, and…” Push them to think about the impractical.
  6. End the drill after you have a few dozen concepts and explain the purpose (outlined above).

100 Buses gets people on their feet and huddled around sharing weird ideas as a way to quickly get their minds thinking creatively and introduce the lesson of awareness gaps.

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