Don’t be boring.

In a world were resumes are lost to a blackhole, you will need a better way to stand out.

Don’t work on your resume. Work on yourself.

First, have a personal pitch. You are not a 12 point, Times New Roman, one-sheet resume. Work on a few sentences to pitch yourself. Read Be on a mission for some tips to get started.

Next, prepare to be googled. Manage your online identity to help people find you and what you want them to know. Follow these LinkedIn tips to shape up your profile. Then, use a free resources like, Medium, or Youtube to document your projects.

Finally, reach out and stand out. I follow a simple mantra; making things matters most.

Makers are inherently not boring. You are living in a time of unprecedented access to powerful tools for learning, making, and sharing. Stand out by showing you are a self-directed maker who can adapt and solve problems.

When you make something, then share it with the world, the world tends to present gifts in return.

Four tips to reach out and stand out:

1. Show enthusiasm. Only reach out to companies who are on a mission you care about. I don’t expect you to have an unwavering career passion, but I do expect you to geek out about something. Follow your curiosity.

Read Be on a mission and Rules to land your dream startup job.

2. Show that you can solve their problems. Companies don’t want interns or freshly minted graduates. They want someone to show up and add real value without being told what to do. Todays companies move quickly and face new, often unclear, challenges. Find out what challenges they have and then be their problem solver. Propose a 30-day plan for how you will add and measure value.

Read Create opportunity by solving problems.

3. Show resourcefulness. Your job will not always be clear and you will not always have the resources you want. Show how you will hack it and remove risks. Help me learn about an example of your past resourcefulness by linking to a Medium or LinkedIn post, Youtube video, or any easily accessed and shareable online format.

Read Paul Graham on resourcefulness.

4. Show humility. Do NOT try and sound like you know more than you do. Everyone will see through this. Start from a learning mindset and show that you can ask for help. Most people want to help you, especially if you do 1, 2, and 3 above.

Read My brain is not for picking and Getting a job in tech, action after reflection.

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