Find Work That Matters: Event Recap

Wowza! We set a Best Monday Ever record with over 100 attendees!

The energy was amazing and the part I love most is when strangers step up to help one another.

We learned about the Looping Method.

There is no one “right” path or “safe” path. Careers are full of delightful detours and unexpected obstacles (like layoffs).

But knowing this doesn’t make it any less scary or less of a struggle to navigate.

You can’t pick the right path for a future that hasn’t been invented yet. But you can build the skills and confidence to design your path, no matter what the future holds.

The key to Looping is the power of small experiments.

Small experiments help you move quickly, build momentum, and invite the world to help you discover your next move and make it happen.

The Guiding Pillars

  1. Getting started is more important than being right.
  2. Come bearing gifts and the world will give you gifts in return.
  3. We know more than me.
  4. Don’t be boring (nobody wants to connect with boring).

Looping starts by clarifying what you need or what obstacle is in your way, then you generate possible ways to solve for this need and pick one to create a small experiment.

Then, you ask how your small experiment connects with real people in a way that that helps solve for your need or overcome your obstacle.

To complete a Loop, reflect on what you learned to refine your challenge and then restart the Looping process by building on the Loop you completed or pursuing a new direction.

Of course there is more to Looping and bold career moves than can be captured in three sentences.

Looping contains drills and frameworks to guide each step in a way that helps us see what is possible and avoid getting stuck.

You can’t think your way into a great career.

Small experiments are the key to getting out of your head so you can surface new insights and make smart decisions about your career.

Your small experiments leave a trail of interesting work for people to find you. This helps tell your story and invites serendipity into your career journey.

The best way to learn is through examples (like the Volunteer Loop) and through practice. To help you do both, I’ve set up a resource to learn and take action with a community to lean on for support.

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