Strangers becoming friends at a Best Monday Ever workshop.

How To Win At Cold Connecting.

Grant Schroll of Mission Collaborative shared a super useful post this week with four steps to cold-connect with someone you have never met. He lays the foundation for a successful cold-connection. Start there, then come back for a few bonus tips below.

1. Show resourcefulness. Don’t ask for things that I can google for you. It’s ok to admit when you get stuck, but first show me how you tried to help yourself. Read My Brain is Not for Picking.

2. Come bearing gifts. Take the time to explore how you bring value to this person. Don’t pull an IOU with the “how can I be of value?” line. Make the value obvious. As Grant Schroll puts it, “how will connecting with me make their life better?

3. Don’t Be Boring. I want to help ambitious, optimistic, action-takers. Show me you are a self-directed maker. I want to feel your energy and enthusiasm for what you geek out on.

4. Follow Up… Again. After saying thanks, set a calendar reminder within the next month prompting you to update me on what you did, what you learned, and what you are going to do next. The probability that I continue helping goes up by a bagillion percent if you share this update. Don’t wait until you need something to follow up again.

5. Show humility. You don’t know what you don’t know. Carry a learning mindset and be a listener, not a talker. Most people want to help you, especially if you follow Grant’s tips and 1–4 above.

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