The Bar You Are Setting Is Only In Your Head

Putting your work into the world is going to be uncomfortable.

You feel this work must be a strong reflection of you.

And you’re right. But not in the way you think.

Putting something quick and messy into the world shows guts.

You show a work in progress. You show how you think. It’s raw and honest.

You leave a trail for people to follow and invite insights and opportunities you cannot predict.

Awesome is subjective.

The bar you are setting is only in your head.

Whenever you are thinking about making something awesome or perfect, just remember how Craigslist looks.

Done is better than perfect

I challenge you to think about smart-cuts for meeting your objectives.

You win with momentum, not trying to take big leaps from where you are starting from.

If you get something done today, you gain insight and a little momentum for tomorrow. And this momentum builds exponentially.

Conversely, if tomorrow comes, and the next day, and the next week, and you finally push publish, then you have lost the benefit of exponential momentum.

So how might we overcome the mental block of aiming at awesome?

Smallify Your Output.

Ask yourself, “how can I achieve the same effect by doing less?”

Your goal is to share your ideas quickly and clearly.

Here are some examples:

#1. Bullet List → Use a bullet list format to quickly get your ideas into writing. Give yourself permission to write like a kid, not a college term paper.

#2 Sketch It → Looping is a sketch process. You have permission to be messy. Draw and doodle your ideas.

#3 Narrate It → Talking may come more naturally than writing. Use your phone and record a stream-of-conscious style video.

#4 Take Photos → You don’t have to explain everything in words. Take photos of your work, process, or sketches. Anything to help communicate quickly and clearly.

Take a look at the images I use. I hand sketch these on printer paper, take a photo with my phone, and use them to tell stories.

Lean on the Best Monday Ever Community

As a BME member, you have a welcoming space to put your first draft in to the world. Bold careers moves need a support network. That’s what we do.

I cringe at my past work. That’s how I know I’m doing it right. It means I’ve grown and I’ve left a trail of work that I can reuse and improve. Where I am today is not a leap. It is a series of many small steps (Loops).

What continues to hold true is that the world can only help you (and surprise you) when you share your work.

Howdy, I’m Spencer. I started the Best Monday Ever community to help you use small experiments to find direction, build momentum, and invite the world to help you make bold career moves.

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