Unleash your superpowers and lead a career you love.

My superpower is a hell of knack for activating people. After a few years of coaching on the side, one thing is super clear:

Today’s career paradigm is failing to elevate smart, ambitious professionals who give a damn about meaningful work.

Folks are stressed, anxious, self-doubting and feel like careers are more uncertain than ever.

I believe we can do better than this.

The Mission.

Best Monday Ever exists to build rad experiences that unleash your strengths (ie. superpowers) in a way that is fun and transformative so that you can thrive in a career no matter what the future holds.

This is for you if…

  • you want to make a change but don’t know where to start
  • you are brain-dead from browsing job boards
  • you want to give a damn about your work
  • you have a strong itch to start a side-hustle
  • you want the confidence and skills to be future-proof
  • this whole career thing is a stress ball of uncertainty

You’re not alone.

People constantly tell me they feel a little embarrassed not knowing what to do about their career. We’ve all been there — and now we can do something about it.

“Sounds rad, what can I expect?”

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Workshoppy workshops .

We dive into unconventional tactics with signature group experiences to arm you with the strategy and accountability to kickstart change. It’s like Mythbusters meets Ninja Warrior meets Ocean’s 11.

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Let me just say upfront; this is not for everyone.

You won’t find “life hacks” or an obsession with productivity. Your resume is no good here. Not sorry. This isn’t an Insta-filtered lifestyle littered with aspirational quotes.

Navigate away from here if…

  • you just want a paycheck to live for the weekends
  • you want someone to give you shortcuts without hard work
  • you are a sour-puss whining that the world isn’t fair
  • your priority is acquiring more money
  • you are waiting for things to happen to you
  • you have a fixed mindset and inflexible expectations

Things worth doing take guts and persistence.

There is trial and error. The tactics I share will challenge you and push your comfort zone. This is where your unstoppable confidence begins.

You might feel paralyzed by uncertainty or risk. But the real risk is not taking one at all.

For everyone who wants to take ownership of your career, keep reading.

For the last decade, I’ve used design practices to unlock the potential in enterprising students, nurse innovators, and impact entrepreneurs around the globe.

I’ve witnessed people defeat their limiting beliefs to become the best version of themselves and achieve more than they imagined.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I left college, Lehman Brothers collapsed and the economy tanked. Despite a degree from a top university, I found myself struggling to land a job and then moving in with my parents. While grateful for a soft landing, this felt more like a rough patch. It felt unfair — a harmful mindset.

Image from Giphy

I scoured job boards, painstakingly edited my resume, and sent dozens of cover letters to boring sounding companies.

And the result? Nada.

I was going about it all the wrong way. All those years of school, yet no practical guide to future-proof my career.

The hard truth is the world of work is changing fast. There is greater uncertainty, we switch companies more often, work is more mobile than ever, and the skills to succeed seem to change as soon as we master the old ones.

Image from Giphy.

Born from design.

My life changed completely when I stopped following outdated “rules” and assumptions holding me back.

This wasn’t an overnight epiphany. I spent years honing design and problem solving tactics at the edge of uncertainty with entrepreneurs of all types.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend years to get here.

You will learn surprisingly fun and effective tactics from something called the Looping Method

Born from design and prototyping practices with a healthy dose of positive psychology and a slice of summer camp for stoking our imaginations.

I don’t have it all figured out.

One moment I’m stoked on a conversation with a Best Monday Ever reader and the next moment feels like I’m barely holding my own act together. And by next, I mean I few minutes later.

I get stuck. I overthink things. I have self-doubts. The higher highs still come with lows, and doing more of what I dig means doing a few things I don’t.

Where I set myself apart, and where you can too, is building the skills to level-up when you hit a wall.

Welcome to the community for people who want more from their career: here is your invitation.