Pak Cheers Listed As One of the Top Wedding Photographers in Pakistan

Top Wedding Photographers in Pakistan

Super pleased to be listed as one of the Top wedding photographers in Pakistan by Pak Cheers. One of the leading event management data bank for Brides and Grooms. How amazing! Check out what they had to say below:

Wedding Photographers in Pakistan

The photography is one of the most important part of your wedding day — we would go as far to put it on a similarity with the dress, and the venue. Your photographs will last forever, and are the principle way in which you, and your beloved guests, will remember the big day, and the incredible experience that was had. And, frankly, we could talk the ears off a donkey with all of our thoughts and ideas about the best way to go about preferring your photographer. Instead, we thought it would be simpler to present you with some of the brightest talent Pakistani has to offer for your big day.

Pak Cheers work every day to bring you the best wedding photographers in Pakistan, and as of 2019 have over 150 incredibly talented people and companies within the portal. And whilst we truly impress all of their work — and cannot state enough how pleased we are to work with and represent them — we do have a few secret favorites. And so if you’re just settling down to plan your wedding (or if you’re expecting a bridal shower or fashion shoot!), and don’t even know where to begin with choosing providers, then pay close attention!

Here is our selection of the top wedding photographers available in the Pakistan — take a look, and just click their photos to learn more. Here’s hoping one of them will make your wedding photography dreams come true for your wedding in 2019!

1. Irfan Ahson (Fine Arts Wedding by Irfan Ahson)

Irfan Ahson is a photographer based in Lahore — one of the most competitive locations for wedding professionals in the Pakistan. Due to the huge concentration of talent in this area of the country, it can be hard to break out from the crowd, and yet Irfan Ahson does this with such elegance that it appears almost effortless. Not only available for your fairytale wedding ceremony in the Pakistan countryside, Irfan Ahson is also a talented Destination Wedding photographer who has travelled to America, Italy, in pursuit of the perfect wedding photos.

Not only capturing the special and cherished moments as they happen, Irfan Ahson’s wedding photography is not just emotive but incredibly artistic too; this comes from his work as a fashion photographer, with this added dimension giving his an extra special edge. For the most romantic and classical wedding photos, there’s no one that we could recommend more highly!

2. AFZL Studio Photography

AFZL focus on telling a story through their wedding photography — one that you will want to experience over and over! Based in the Lahore, but again available for weddings all over the world, these two have been on the receiving end of so many awards that we can’t stop to name them — and for good reason! energetic, experienced, and with excellent eyes for choosing backdrops, AFZL definitely deserve their spot in this ranking.

What makes AFZL Studio Photography & Film one of the top in the Pakistan. AFZL Studio has twice been named the Best wedding Photographer in Pakistan, he unleash an unstoppable artistic force! They also offer some fantastic videography services in Pakistan!

3. Xpressions Photography

Xpressions Photography really understands how to photograph people. Although his landscape shots are definitely something to admire, it is when he photographs couples that he shines that little bit brighter than others — consolidating his place in the top wedding photographers in Lahore. Every couple getting married is surreptitiously after that one photo that perfectly encapsulates their day, that one photo that stands out and just takes their breath away — and only with Xpressions Photography is this special moment 100% guaranteed.

As with many of our other top picks, Xpressions Photography is available for Destination Weddings all over the Pakistan, and we would highly recommend him for more intimate ceremonies and elopements. Tried and tested, Winston Sanders will truly explore and capture the emotions on your big day — and give you a set of photographs that are impossible to forget.

4. Opm Osman Pervaiz Mughal Photography

Ethereal, vivid, theatrical, striking… There are any numbers of words in the English dictionary that we could use to describe the work of Lahore-based Opm Osman Pervaiz Mughal Photography. Famous enough in the wedding photography in Pakistan that he does not require a surname; Opm Osman Pervaiz Mughal Photography is critically-acclaimed by every publication lucky enough to feature his work — including us! Bordering on being unbearably talented, Osman Pervaiz Mughal will give you the most stunning images to remember your wedding day.

Frequently travelling the Pakistan for Destination Weddings, Osman Pervaiz Mughal has worked in all corners of the Pakistan, making him ideal for couples who are a little nervous about finding the best photographer in Pakistan. And now we speak directly to all the brides out there: do you want a gorgeous shoot of you in your dress? Because this is the guy for you if the answer to that question is yes!

5. Umbreen Ibrahim Photography

Umbreen Ibrahim Photography is an up-and-coming wedding photographer who you should all be paying attention to. With wedding photographs that look like they have been directly lifted from movie bill, Umbreen Ibrahim Photography will ensure that your big day looks dramatic and thrilling in print. Moving away a little from the more traditional form of wedding photography — though plenty skilled in this style too — if you’re looking for more from your photographer for your big day, then Umbreen Ibrahim comes highly recommended by us.

Based in Lahore, Umbreen Ibrahim is happy to travel around the Pakistan for your big day, and has also had some previous experience with Destination Weddings out of country. We guarantee all of your married friends will be green with envy when they see the finished product from Umbreen Ibrahim Photography!

6. Aliza Waqar Photography

Aliza Waqar one of the best qualities a wedding photographer can have is being well-travelled. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with Aliza Waqar, who divides his time between the Lahore and the Pakistan. With an incomparable eye for color, and a sense of drama that will make your wedding look all the more authentic, Aliza Waqar Photography is an unmissable option for your 2019 wedding.

One of Photography’ most admirable qualities are his skills to blend into the crowd. Preferring to see himself as a ‘guest with a camera’, he has been adulated by couples for capturing the most stunning pictures whilst not drawing your attention — something that many brides and grooms desire for their big day.

Congratulations to our top photographers in Pakistan for 2019! Wedding photography is one of the most competitive industries for professionals, and we are so pleased to be the part of the some talented in the country. And we wish you at the home all the luck in the world with the process of choosing your photographer for your big day — and we hope that we have been of some help too!