BEST Program scholars meet the Consul Lorenzo Ortona

Today, September 26th 2017, the BEST scholars delegation was received by the Consul Lorenzo Ortona and the Professor Massimo Maresca at the Italian Consulate General of San Francisco. 
The meeting lasted about one hour in which the group introduced their own projects and explained their expectation from their study at the Leavey School of Business of Santa Clara University and, in general, for their stay in the Bay Area.

The BESTers with the Consul Lorenzo Ortona and the Professor Massimo Maresca. From left to right: Nicolò Spiezia, Prof. Massimo Maresca, Consul Lorenzo Ortona, Silvia Peschiera, Valerio Mirarchi, Giorgio Dell’Erba and Alessandro Corti

The Consul dispensed useful advices to all the group members. He also confirmed his availability to put them in contact with the main exponents of the Italian community in the Bay Area to foster networking and maximize the profitability of their stay.

The discussion covered also political themes. Main topic was the importance of the connection between the “newborn” Italian Startup ecosystem with the more experienced Silicon Valley one. The Bay Area is a place where enormous capital investments meets teams coming from all around the world looking for their opportunity to access the Hall of Fame of global companies.

“Huge capital investments doesn’t mean that it’s easier to get the money! Indeed, it’s probably the opposite.” — the Consul said — “Tens of thousands of very technologically skilled and hungry startups come here every year. You need to make your way to the goal with effort and sacrifice.”

The objective of the Consulate is to favor the interconnection between successful Italian entrepreneurs and those who just arrived in the community.

“The connection between Italian startups and the Silicon Valley’s Italian network should happen at an earlier stage, when startups are still in Italy and can better understand which are the perspectives and the opportunities here.”

In fact, even though the Bay Area is full of Italian ventures looking for new possibilities, very few are the cases of direct interaction at an earlier stage. One of these examples is the BAIA association (Business Association Italy America) that not only aims to “… serve and aggregate the community of Italian professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs operating in the Bay Area” but also developed, with their project BAIA Italia, sperate chapters in Rome and Milan thought to help those ventures that want to see how the “American Dream” is.

For sure, this will not be the last meeting between the Consul and the BESTers group that today built the base for a profitable interaction.

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