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1st Round of BETA token allocation for ALPHA Stakers Unlocked!

Calling on the Alpha Wolfpack… at Beta Finance gifts are coming early this holiday season.

The first period of BETA token allocation is officially unlocked for ALPHA stakers! 25M of 50M BETA tokens that have been allocated across the six-month BETA token lock-up period are now claimable for users who have staked ALPHA on Alpha Tokenomics. The remaining 25M BETA tokens will be unlocked over the next three months in batches of 8.3M BETA.

With your BETA tokens, you can:

Provide BETA and ETH liquidity & earn high yields

After claiming your BETA tokens from Alpha Tokenomics, you can earn higher yields by

  1. Staking the LP tokens on Beta Finance

Currently, 662%+ APR from the first program and 939%+ APR from the second program, for a total of ~1,600%+ APR (at the time of writing), coming from BETA rewards + additional trading fees. For a step-by-step guide, refer to here.

Advantages of this option vs. lending BETA tokens:

Disadvantages of this option vs. lending BETA tokens:

  • Higher gas fees
  • Requires ETH in addition to BETA


If you don’t want to provide BETA and ETH liquidity, there is also an option to lend BETA for more yields. The yield comes from 1) lending interest rate and 2) additional BETA rewards as part of our next liquidity mining period November 24 1 PM UTC. For a step-by-step guide on depositing in money markets, refer to here.

Advantages of this option vs. providing BETA and ETH liquidity:

  • Lower gas fee
  • Only BETA is required

Disadvantages of this option vs. providing BETA and ETH liquidity:


Today is a big moment for both the Alpha Wolves and the BETA community. As Alpha Launchpad’s first incubated project, Beta Finance is grateful for the Alpha community’s continual support as we strive to make our mark in the DeFi landscape.

Beta Finance is on a mission to build the DeFi infrastructure critical to offsetting excessive crypto volatility and facilitate the long-term healthy adoption of DeFi. At our core, we are a permissionless money market coupled with an automated short-selling tool that allows users to hedge their risk against price volatility.

Alpha Finance through Alpha Launchpad has been a pillar support for Beta Finance since the very beginning of our roadmap. With the unlock of BETA token allocation to ALPHA stakers, we hope to welcome the Alpha Wolfpack to join us as we build the next generation of DeFi.

Follow Beta Finance

We’ll continue to keep the community updated through our socials, so be sure to follow us on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram!

We are hiring!

Beta Finance is looking to expand our team and is actively hiring. If you are passionate about DeFi and excited to build the next generation of infrastructure for DeFi, we’d love the chance to learn more about you! Please see our job opportunities here.



Building out Beta, the permissionless money market protocol to lend, borrow, and short crypto assets.

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Beta Finance

The permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing, and shorting crypto assets.