Protechting: Fidelidade and Fosun Are Taking These 3 Startups to China

The second edition of Protechting, the startup accelerator by Fidelidade and Fosun, has come to an end, and we had an unexpected turn of events.

Everything was going according to plan at the Demo Day. All the startups that went through the program pitched on stage at the beautiful Teatro São Luís in Lisbon, to the juri who would decide the three finalists of the program.

The room was absolutely full and ready for business.

However, it was when we moved to Chiado 8, a gorgeous building with a garden owned by our partners from Fidelidade, for the award ceremony cocktail that things changed.

We were all impatiently waiting for the winners to be announced and it was taking longer than expected. But, why was it taking so long?

Well, that’s what we figured out minutes later. The 3 winners were announced but Fidelidade and Fosun went a bit further and instead of giving the big check of 10.000 euros to only one of the startups they decided to give 10.000 to each startup.

And the lucky winners that got the 10.000 euro prize and who will also be going to China for a Roadshow to meet with key partners and investors are:


Amiko is redesigning respiratory care by using Quantified Medicine. Check out their website here.


Bdeo has developed a visual claim solution for the insurance industry. See what they’re up on their website right here. has built a virtual customer support advisor by using artificial intelligence. Find out more about this Portuguese startup here.

Now, it’s time to wrap it up and take these startups to China. Congratulations to all and see you soon for the next edition of Protechting.

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