These 10 Entrepreneurs are Coming to Lisbon. Here’s Why You Should Meet Them

Would you like to know how you can go from entrepreneur to investor? How one of the leading women in tech founded a new investment model for startup funding? The motivation behind creating a university at a hub for startups and investors? How to scale into a billion dollar company? Or what 17 years of experience in Silicon Valley can teach you?

In this years’ edition of Lisbon Investment Summit, we have managed to capture some of the hottest names in the tech scene who know exactly how to answer these questions.

MARVIN LIAO, Partner at 500 Startups

Marvin is a partner at 500 Startups, running the 500 startup accelerator in San Francisco and investing in seed-stage startups through the Micro Venture Capital Fund. He has more than 17 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Before joining 500 startups, he spent just over a decade at Yahoo holding a variety of different positions, from business development to marketing. Marvin attended last year’s LIS, where he met Infraspeak (a startup from our flagship accelerator, Lisbon Challenge), which later announced they were moving to San Francisco to join the 500 startup accelerator. It was a successful match, so Marvin is coming back to the Lisbon Investment Summit this year in hopes of discovering new startups and to share his expertise on stage. If you’re interested in reading more about Marvin’s time at 500 startups, read an exclusive interview here.

ALEX BARRERA, Founder of Press42 and

Alex is the Chief WOWness Officer at Press42, an agency devoted to helping startups with storytelling in communications: from pitch training, internationalisation strategy, corporate culture, to connecting with investors, media and global markets. He’s also the co-founder and contributing editor of, a digital publication covering the European tech industry. Furthermore, he co-founded Tetuan Valley, a startup incubator based in Madrid. He certainly keeps himself busy, currently mentoring in 12 startup accelerators worldwide, frequently speaking at conferences, a global shaper of the World Economic Forum and ambassador for the Sandbox Network in Madrid.

STEPHANIE HOSPITAL, Founder of OneRagtime

Stephanie founded OneRagtime, a global crowd equity platform, a venture fund in the cloud and startup studio. It is a platform built for on-demand investments with startup scoring and matchmaking features to raise smart capital. Essentially, the mission of OneRagtime is to connect startups and investors to create the next global champions through a hybrid model of venture capital and crowdfunding. Stephanie has extensive experience in the internet, telecom, and media sectors. Prior to her entrepreneurial career, she was Executive Vice President of Orange Digital, the Digital & New Growth Business Unit. Stephanie was listed on ‘Inspiring Fifty’, a programme identifying the leading women in the European tech scene. If you would like to learn more about the hybrid funding model, don’t miss Stephanie at #LIS17 as a panelist on New Investment Models.

RENAUD VISAGE, Founder of Eventbrite and Partner at Index Ventures

Renaud is a co-founder of Eventbrite, the world’s largest event technology platform, which has processed more than 100 million tickets across 180 countries since its beginning in 2006. He is the technical architect of the platform and CTO of the company. He was recently announced as a venture partner in Index ventures to guide founders in global expansions and support companies with technical problems. If you want to know more about how Eventbrite grew into a billion dollar company you can learn more here.

SOHAILA OUFFATA, Investment Principal at BMW

Sohaila is the investment principal at BMW i. ‘Project i’ is a recent initiative by BMW, it is a special business unit to develop and promote new ideas on mobility and sustainability. Part of ‘project i’ is BMW i Ventures to further strategic investments in innovative solutions. The unit attempts to infuse startup mentality and innovative products to the German carmaker. Sohaila’s role in this, as investment principal, is to invest in startups that offer mobility and deep auto tech solutions, specifically with the intention to improve urban mobility inside and outside of the car. To learn more about BMW i ventures, read this case study.

MAURIZIO ROSSI, Founder of H-Farm

Maurizio is co-founder and CEO of H-farm. H-farm was created as an effort to initiate a technology and venture capital hub in Italy, a country that was lacking in its entrepreneurial efforts. The Hub serves several purposes, it is a high-tech accelerator, incubator, a venture capital firm and home to a group of successful startups — allowing teams to collide and innovate. It is made up of several acres of farmland outside of Venice. The campus also hosts an international school also called a training center for children from the age of 6 to 26, with the intention to foster new ways of learning through a digital approach, enabling interactions between the students, entrepreneurs, and professionals. His intentions to transform traditional education is the reason we have invited him as a #LIS17 panelist on the Future of Education. Maurizio is a keen observer, seeking to understand people’s lifestyles, culture and the influence of technology in our everyday life.

JOÃO VASCONCELOS, Secretary of State of Industry

Mr. Vasconcelos is the Secretary of State of Industry in Portugal. He is a big advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship, serving as the executive director of Startup Lisboa. Additionally, he’s been a mentor in several accelerators, including StartupPirates, Founder Institute, Seedcamp and Lisbon Challenge. He has vast experience in the Tourism and Services sector, after managing several family businesses in these industries, providing a unique perspective on the intersection between startup, corporates, and government.

CATARINA VIOLANTE, Founder of Mellow

Four years ago, Catarina co-founded Mellow Inc., a sous-vide machine. It takes orders through your smartphone and keeps the food cold until it’s time for cooking, to ensure it’s ready at the exact time you want it. As a result, it fits into your busy days seamlessly, as you do not have to plan and prepare ahead — Mellow does it for you. Catarina has experience in kitchen utensils, having designed numerous machines before. Her expertise is present throughout all product stages, from sketch to final product, currently serving as the VP of Product at Mellow. Catarina will be doing a demo at #LIS17, showcasing the unique culinary technology.

OLIVIER GODEMENT, Southern Europe Operations at Stripe

Olivier is working on growth and operations at Stripe in France. Stripe is an organisation providing a set of tools for building and running an internet business. Their vision is to bring more companies online worldwide. Stripe has an impressive list of investors backing them, including Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, and Elon Musk. Before joining Stripe in 2014, Olivier co-founded SparkUp, a platform for entrepreneurs to raise money from their personal networks and legal tools by creating a personal funding website. However, after successfully growing the company, he sold his shares and left 2 years later. At #LIS17, Olivier will be conducting a workshop on the tools required to get your business model right.

DAVE HAYNES, Investment Team at Seedcamp

Dave has an entrepreneurial background in music and tech. He was one of the earliest hires at SoundCloud and has been heading business development and growth at startup studio, Makeshift. Now he works as part of the investment team at Seedcamp. Seedcamp invests in pre-seeds and seed stage companies. Seedcamp’s strategy is quite different to that of other competitors. When choosing on investment they look at the entire value chain of a sector, before investing in multiple businesses attacking various part of the value chain. Seedcamp was launched a decade ago as an ‘accelerator’, although few knew what that entailed at the time, to provide European startups with mentorship, early-stage investment and a program to boost growth. These days they are rather positioned as a ‘first round fund’, giving them access to capital, as well as network and expertise within the ecosystem. Dave is passionate about connecting people, new ideas, and technology in his role within business development.

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