Bullard Wouldn’t Believe His Luck If He Was A Liverpool Fan

Sorry GiGi, The Ref Got It Spot On!

When I first saw it, I thought it was a foul on Lucas Vázquez, then I watched the replay and knew it was the right decision.

Refs get a lot of stick now a days but I thought Michael Oliver was spot on with both decisions. I don’t care how old you are, how long you’ve been playing the game or what emotional ties you have with the competition: rules are rules and if you’re Buffon, you can’t be showing that sort of aggression towards a ref.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a romance story in football and we’d all loved to have seen Buffon win the Champions League at some stage in his career, but you don’t always get it your own way and you definitely can’t spit your dummy out like that, especially a bloke with his experience.

How about Ronaldo though?! To wrap that one in the top bin with what was virtually the last kick of the game takes minerals like you wouldn’t believe — but that’s Ronaldo all over!

I don’t care how good he is, it’s always nerve wracking taking a pen in front of thousands of people in the stadium, let alone the millions watching on tele, so even though he didn’t show it, he would have been nervous, but I’ve always said if you’re nervous you’ve just got to strike it as hard as you can… but no one was saving that — it was an UNBELIVABLE STRIKE!

I wouldn’t believe my luck if I was a Liverpool fan!

Everyone seems to be saying that Liverpool did a job on City, but I’m not buying it. If certain decisions went City’s way there could have been a very different outcome to their quarter-final.

Liverpool are very, very good going forward but they leave themselves exposed at the back. They’ve ridden their luck so far and I can’t see them winning it. Mind you, if you disagree, then back them with BetBright where they’re 3/1 to win the thing.

For me, Bayern (7/4) have got to the semi’s very much under the radar and I’ve not heard them mentioned too much — they’ve breezed through to this stage of the competition so watch out for them and Real are worthy favourites at 13/8 with BetBright.

‘It just shows how football can kick you in the nuts…’

I cannot believe City have lost their last three games on the spin! It just shows how football can kick you in the nuts!

Don’t get me wrong they were three tough games but I thought they were very unlucky at certain points over and I’m telling you now, Liverpool rode their luck: if Sane’s goal was given on Tuesday night, then going in 2–0 up at half time makes it a completely different kettle of fish.

Ok, they’ve lost all three big games, but if you look at it as a fan of the game — how good was every single one of those matches?!

That’s what Pep brings to the table. He brings that class and quality. Even when they lose, it’s entertaining and they won’t fade out — isn’t it better than watching Chelsea or United losing three in a row?!

City’s style of football is so entertaining!

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