As I think of my answers for this task, I’d like to share that I had a challenging time to think of my “favorite” websites because Facebook and other social networking sites where I usually find almost everything I need are to be excluded from the choices for my answers. Nonetheless, you can count them as three of my go-to websites!

For my news go-to website, upon pondering, I came to trust GMA network’s online news website ( for the news I am receiving. I may have a bias for it because I grew up watching their tv news more than any other networks’ tv news; so when they had their online news, same time that I was growing more into the the interconnected world of the net, I have clung to them as my go-to news website.

Now, here’s the thing! Even if this is my go-to news website, I go to this website once or thrice, at max, a week. I know, you may think that this should not be the answer I have given you but hear me out because I have explained this to you earlier. Almost everything I need is in Facebook and the other social networking sites I am in. (Writing that sentence makes me realize what my professor said back in class, that nowadays if a news is important, it finds us.) I actually don’t blame social networking sites for having news in their content because they are just doing their purpose of existence — making people connected and informed wherever you may be, especially with news. I haven’t shared, like really clicked the share button in GMA news online website, if my memory serves me right, although I think I have shared news articles from the said website but as a Facebook post or a tweet. I usually go to this website through my laptop because it’s the only time I get down with some serious task. Haha!

Next, for my go-to entertainment website is fmovies ( It is basically a website where you can either watch movies, animes, and tv series. The website interface is quite friendlier than other online streaming websites because it has less advertisements and it’s also friendly looking, aesthetically speaking. I visit this website for at least twice a week because I need a solid “fee-free” internet so that I can stream movies or tv series shows without the video buffering in the middle of the movie.

When watching movies, I take up at least an hour because it is the usual length of hollywood movies; most of the movies posted in Fmovies are hollywood-branded. If I’m watching a series, which is about 18–20 episodes per season, depending on the time I have for watching a tv series, my normal time for it is about three to five hours.

This is actually why this website clicked to me, because it has movies, series, and animes that an individual can watch freely without charge. You need a solid net connection to enjoy it! Also if you want to watch properly, like what I would always try to do, watch with a desktop or laptop because there are a few pop ads that are somehow challenging to manage when you’re in mobile mode. Another is that I am a movie person rather than a reader who reads the book versions of the movie, if it has one. I get to learn and understand things if they are paired with visuals.

Because of enjoying this website so much, I have given the link to several people because they were also looking for a website to watch a tv series or a movie.

My last go-to website for research is Merriam Webster ( I have to admit that whenever I do research there are things that I don’t understand. And it’s okay! Because I love learning new words. My vocabulary expands as I make research for a school requirement. I am not sure how often I visit this website because even if I’m not using this for a school research, I still use it whenever I encounter words that are not school research related. It takes me three to five minutes to search and understand the meaning of the word/s I am searching for. I’m definitely happy with this website because it is very helpful, especially in helping me understand written problems given at hand. It is also very accessible for me because I have downloaded an application version of it that has an offline mode. This is very handy for the reason that I don’t always have a good internet connection to access the online website version of it. It definitely made me feel smarter because I can actually use the words I have learned to different requirements that I’m tasked to do.

All in all, GMA news online, Fmovies, and Merriam Webster are my go-to websites for news, entertainment, and research respectively. Although I don’t usually go to GMA news online website itself as often as everyday, visiting the website actually pays a lot. You don’t only get pieces of information you need from a certain news but you can also acquire information from different news articles posted in the website that could help you see the bigger picture of the status of the country. In addition to this, visiting Fmovies for my movie/series marathons on weekends is a great time for me to relax from a week of academic tasks. You may not see it but rest is as important as work. Lastly, having Merriam Webster as my go-to research website is one of the websites I can actually refer to someone in need. Besides it being a reliable source, its user-friendly interface is also one of its good features.

There you go, my three go-to sites! I suggest you visit these websites because it will inform, entertain, and help you in a day-to-day basis. Enjoy!

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