The headline of a story is a group of words that should be the most audience/reader-attracting words in your publication. You can say that these words are put up with much significance that the whole idea of your reader reading your article depends on it.

This week’s activity was to think of three different headlines for three different social media applications namely Facebook, Twitter, and in my case, Medium. Before doing this activity, I wasn’t aware that there are different structures suited for each application. At first, it was a challenge for us to do it because, as said before, this is where our feedbacks will depend on.

So, for our Facebook, courtesy of my groupmate, we put “Find Out Why Eating Sandwiches in Florence’s Treasured Churches Can Get You Wet”. We thought of putting the phrase find out because our Facebook audience are people who are curious in nature. Using that phrase somehow creates that pursuasive nature of warping them to click, like, share, or even just read the article. We had a total of 26 reacts (22 likes, two hearts, one wow, and one haha), 11 shares, and one comment. I was satisfied with the outcome of our brainstorming for the headline in Facebook.

21 likes, 2 hearts, 1 wow, and 1 haha, 11 shares, & 1 comment

For our Twitter headline, we tried to play with a different approach. We tried to be greener because we thought that it would be the better approach for our headline in this application. I don’t actually know why we did that but we had a feel of it appealing to our Twitter audience. Despite our approach though, I perceive that we were more successful with our headline here because we had more retweets than the shares we had in our Facebook headline. The feedbacks were 32 in total — 13 retweets and 19 hearts.

13 retweets & 19 hearts

In writing an article, honesty will always be the right way to share things out to the world. So, in spirit of honesty, I have to admit that we forgot to post our Medium headline (blog headline) because we had some fun in doing out previous two headlines. We only garnered one recommended for our Medium headline. Nonetheless, I hope we had a good headline for our blog as a group.

As always, practicing our public posting abilities is quite a challenge but it is always something that I enjoyed doing. Learning how to do a good headline helps achieving that goal of readers reading your article and sharing it to the rest of the networld, maybe even in reality. Although the fact that we were waiting and counting for feedbacks in our headlines, popularity also counts as a big factor — just a penny of my thoughts.

I hope that someday we’ll all be good headliners, with honesty and pride that we are telling the truth and not bending something for us or someone to benefit from it. This is indeed a good exercise. Hope to have more! Ciao!