15 minutes left to write this story

Finals Week Woes.

I dropped this backpack. And the equipment. And another backpack.

I’m a journalism student. This semester, I took a class called Digital Storytelling, where I’ve done all sorts of challenging things. I’ve wrangled students into doing on-camera interviews, photographed strangers, attended a sporting event (I can’t believe it, either) and wrote lots of stories. I learned what all the little pieces in my camera bag do and only had to reorder my lens cap twice.

However, there’s something I didn’t learn. I didn’t learn how to walk around campus with a camera backpack, tripod and my normal backpack all at once.

Today, this reality hit when I was traveling at a fast pace in the parking lot and my kneecap met somebody’s rusty trailer hitch. My backpacks went flying over my head and brought me face-first to the ground. My pants tore and I sat on the ground with an agonized expression until I feared that someone might make matters worse by asking if I needed help.

Christine Ramstad for Royal Report